8/4 Rain, rain, go away

It’s been raining most of the day Tuesday in Cincinnati, and the chances of getting the Cubs vs. Reds game are not good. Both teams could play a doubleheader on Wednesday. They both have a mutual off day Thursday.

If nature does cooperate, and the Cubs do play tonight, they have to make a roster move to add Tom Gorzelanny to the 25-man roster. There are two schools of thought. The Cubs could automatically send a pitcher to Iowa — Jeff Stevens or Jeff Samardzija are possibilities — or they could send a position player. The bullpen has been overworked and they’re not sure what to expect from Gorzelanny.

Samardzija has a 6.52 ERA in 14 games this season, and gave up three runs on three hits and three walks in 1 2/3 innings Saturday against Florida.

“He throws the ball well sometimes,” Lou Piniella said of the right-hander. “To me, [the problem] I see is command. The stuff looks good. It’s the command. He throws a lot of pitches, he falls behind, he walks people. That’s not good.”

“Look at [Kevin] Hart,” Piniella said. “Hart basically didn’t pitch well out of the bulpen and when we started him, he did well. Maybe Samardzija is that type of pitcher, too, although right now we don’t have any spots. I don’t know — I’m just thinking out loud.”

Stevens has a 2.84 ERA so far in five games, and began his stint throwing 5 2/3 scoreless innings.

— Carrie Muskat


What do you think the chances are that they play the game tonight? It looks wet.

Any chance Soto could be activated in time for a possible double-header tomorrow if the rain continues? If so, who do you see as being sent to the Iowa Cubbies upon Soto’s return?

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