8/5 Gregg's back

Kevin Gregg was available Wednesday night for the Cubs series finale vs. the Reds. The closer had been given two days off to rest what a tired arm.

Lou Piniella said he’ll sit down with Gregg and pitching coach Larry Rothschild to make sure that if the right-hander isn’t available, the manager knows.

“This is where you’ve got to be able to communicate and let somebody know,” Piniella said. “II ask every day who’s available, who isn’t, do we need to get somebody a rest. And if the answer is, ‘I feel good, I’m ready to go,’ that’s what I go on.

“If somebody has a little bit of a tired arm, just let somebody know and we’ll make arrangements and use somebody else,” Piniella said. “I have to know. I can’t just read somebody’s mind. I can look at the stuff, but by the time I look at the stuff, it’s a little late. The ball’s out of the ballpark and the mojito doesn’t taste as good.”

— Carrie Muskat


Aaron Miles, yes, the guy Jim Hendry signed for not one, but two years on the same day he traded Mark DeRosa. $4.9 million for a guy who cannot hit or field: just another in a long, long list of terrible moves made by Jim Hendry, who hopefully will be fired after the season. Oh yeah, Josh Vittters is only hitting .227 in Daytona; possibly another wasted pick like Mark Pawelek in 2005 who after getting his $1,000,000 bonus, was released this spring. All of the scouts and Hendry need to go, now!!!

It is good that Piniella consider his team’s wellness and health before doing letting them play the games. It is good that Gregg is back after retiring for quite sometime because of his tired/hurt arm. Having these skillful players are worth getting no fax payday loans just to treat their sore arms after hard and stressful games. I hope many coaches and managers take into consider their players’ goodness than making them play even thou it is hard for them. And for the players, always do your best to stay fit and healthy because you are born on this field and that is to play and win for your country’s honor.

Oh, but who was the leader of the lackadaisical last night? Left fielder, Alphonso Soriano. Misplay in the outfield and picked off first base, another “all-star” outing. Nobody should pay big-league sports ticket prices and watch big-league talent play that far below capability. And his approach to the game seems to be contageous. I know he has a big contract, but why not some “rehab” in Des Moines? I have watched a lot of Cubs teams over the years and been disappointed by the results, but rarely so disappointed in the overall effort as I have seen this year. I now live in Denver and have routinely gone to Coors Field to cheer for the Cubs when they come to visit (as do many other transplanted Cub Fans). But this year the Rockies are a whole lot more interesting as a team, mostly because they play like they seem to care.

Isn’t what Hendry doing as an employee the same thing as any one of us going up to our employer and saying “Hey boss, good news I just doubled the cost of our electric bill by signing us up with an inferior provider than the one we had, oh yeah, and I replaced our college grad engineer with a high school drop out at double the salary!!!”

Note to Carrie Muskat: Your wrap on Wednesday’s game
said Cubs missed a chance to go into first place. FYI: After Cubs and Cardinals both lost on Wednesday the Cubs were
in first place by two percentage points, .538 to .536.

Percentage is what counts. “Games Behind” is not the determining factor. If the season ended after Wednesday’s
games the Cubs would be the Central Division champions.

— harold yeglin.

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