8/5 Roster move & lineup

The Cubs activated infielder Aaron Miles from the disabled list, and he was starting at shortstop Wednesday night vs. the Reds. To make room on the roster, pitcher Jeff Stevens was optioned to Triple-A Iowa.

In addition, the Cubs also released left-handed reliever B.J. Ryan and lefty Jason Waddell. Both were at Iowa. The 40-man roster is now at 37.

Wednesday’s lineup is:

CF Fukudome

SS Miles

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

RF Bradley

LF Soriano

2B Fontenot

C Hill

P Harden

— Carrie Muskat


Maybe I’m being overly critical, but why does Aaron Miles still have a job in baseball? He has done nothing worth noting for the cubs this season. He makes Bobby Scales look like Albert Pujols, why not just cut him and leave a roster space for someone who deserves it?

nd4life21…you are not being overly critical and I can see you are making more of a statement than you are actually asking a question. The answer you know already, he has a job with the Cubs because Jim Hendry has a job with the Cubs. I believe the Cubs have quite a bit of talent, all of which probably fell into Hendry’s lap without much effort or thought on his part. Instead, he applies his effort and thought to aggressivley acquiring players with limited talent while overlooking more deserving players in his own system. The players that advance do so out of neccessity rather than design. When one of Hendry’s flops such as Miles goes on the DL we will THEN see the likes of Scales and or Blanco both of whom may have very well been acquired by Hendry, but if so, only to back up over paid and inferior players? Why not just get these guys on the roster WITHOUT acquiring Miles? Same goes for Bradley, he could have easily inserted Fuld in center field, left Fukodome in right, saved the money he overpaid Bradley and kept DeRosa which would have eliminated the bad idea of getting Miles in the first place and allow Fontenot, Blanco and or Scales to back up DeRosa and rest Ramirez. Hendry creates his own mess in his mind and BELIEVES he has all these needs to fill outside the organization. The only time he should go outside the organization is to acquire an IMPACT type of POSITIVE player to fill an obvious need when available such as the Phillies did with Cliff Lee, the Cardinals did first with DeRosa and the most certainly with Holliday…GOOD GM’S. On the other hand, Hendry does it in his typical gotta do it now in the offseason by signing a free agent nobody else is bidding on so I look good…blah, blah, blah. BAAAAAAAD GM. The last time Hendry did what I just explained was the Ramirez and Lofton trade, both of which was done during the season to fill the holes that became obvious DURING the season. Sorry to say that’s too long ago and he hasn’t come close to such a smart trade. Maybe Gorzelany and Grabow, but that’s not enough to say he is a top of the line GM, no way. The Bradley/DeRosa mind fart added to the horrendous Soriano contract will always be enough for his dismissal.

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