8/7 Soto activated

Catcher Geovany Soto was activated Friday from the disabled list, and Micah Hoffpauir optioned to Triple-A Iowa to make room on the 25-man roster. Hoffpauir was batting .233. Soto had been out because of a left oblique strain.

— Carrie Muskat


Another stroke of genius by our clueless leader Hendry, now we can have the powerfull bat of Miles as our primary pinch left handed hitter. Good thing he doesn’t “option” everybody hitting about .230 we might run out of players. Hoffpauir’s average suffered because of lack of playing time…what’s Soriano’s, Bradley’s and Fontenot’s excuse?
It’s beginning to appear quite obviously that St. Louis is now THE team to beat in the NL Central, thanks to the smart moves by their GM combined by the horrendous moves by Hendry. Anybody wonder why Pinella would actually WANT to come back and manage next year with such a horrible defensive outfield, the questionable health of Ramirez, a shaky closer, a shaky set-up man, a questionable rotation, a weak bench AND Hendry as the GM???? Fire Hendry before it’s too late for the 2011 season
when we may be stuck with “only” Soriano.

I’m still in that disbelief mode that other teams….ERRRRR!! The Cardinals were able to land such outstanding players like Matt Holliday and DeRosa while the Cubs sat on their heels when guys like Freddy Sanchez and Nate McClouth were on the block. Sure, we got two lefties that are in a great position to help the team, but there aere still too many outs in the line-up. We needed a catcher. How did we let Victor Martinez get away? Or, Jarrod Washburn??? These guys were available. Not to mention that Scott Rolen is back in the division and he’s signed through next year. Great. Just what we need. .320 with 8 dingers. Thank God there’s pnly 3 games left with Cincinatti. Pencil Rolen in for at least 5 more homers.

It’s nice to be on the other side of things after the cards sat pat last year while watching the division improve. I think the guy calling for your GM’s head makes alot of sense, the cubs have spent money worse than any team in recent history. Only good player on the cubs is Derek Lee(class guy too, i like him). Soto is very overated, but when your used to molina, you accept no substitutes ^_^

Mickey G: I am so glad to see others now realize what a mess Jim Hendry has made of this team. To pick up the paper this morning and read about the White Sox (ick) getting Alex Rios, who already got Jack Peavy makes me crazy. As joeydafish said, Hendry sat by and watched the Cards get so many players. This does not even take into account that Orlando Hudson was available before the season as were Raul Ibanez and Bobby Abreu. Hendry wanted a left handed hitter so he gets Bradley who is supposedly better from the right side. The Cardinal fan “arexroat” is so correct in saying the Cubs and Hendry have spent money “worse than any team in recent history.” If the new owners do not see that and the mess the farm system is in, then heaven help us all. It will be another 100 years; what a shame and to think Hendry got a four year contract last year. Let’s all pray the new owners, friends with Hendry or not, will see the light and say “you’re fired.”

I can only hope hope that arexroat is referring to me as “the guy calling for Hendry’s head” as I would consider that an honor. The only head “ahead” of Hendry’s should be the head that extended his contract. Was that Crane Kenney??? Who knows who’s doing what up there in the ivory tower. Sharpen the guillotine. There is a photo of Gorzelany in today’s paper sitting on the mound after “being hit in the foot”, THE more appropriate photo would be Hendry sitting in the UNEMPLOYMENT line after “shooting self in foot”. I’ve lost so much hope and respect for this organization over the past 3 years or so with Hendry in charge and at the same time gained so much of the same for our two biggest “competitors” in the Cardinals and White Sox. If only to emphasize how BAD a job Hendry has done and continues to do I can only wish both the Cardinals and White Sox much success. The only salvagable point to this season would be other teams’ GMs THROUGHOUT ALL OF BASEBALL whether small market or large, big payroll or small proving that Hendry can not play in the same ballpark. Now, if only the new owners, whoever they may turn out to be realize the same. The acquistions of Holliday, Lugo, Rios is bad enough but the acquistions of DeRosa and Peavy should bring out the masses calling for Hendry’s release. Not to mention the jury being out on Gorzelany and Grabow for Hart, Ascanio and Harrison (whom I admit I know nothing about) Grabow being a free agent after this season. Could be Hendry’s desperation to “get something done” for the bullpen he weakened. I just don’t see the major upgrade in that trade, it’s as if he makes trades for the sake of making trades no matter the outcome. How about Jeff Stevens not lasting a day in the majors, we got him for DeRosa….Hendry has “built” one of the weakest defensive and underperforming teams in recent history. Who can argue that? Bob Brenly sees it, David Kaplan sees it, Todd Hollandsworth sees it, Lou Pinella sees it (too often). These guys are professionals and remain tactful in their comments but we can read between the lines of everything they say. It’s the Windy City, time for Hendry to go fly a kite.

Here’s the banner headline on the web page today….
“Bradley’s bat could set Cubs up for big series “…… add on the following: “Or, it could just be silent and take up space in the bat rack.” I’m going to guess Carrie Muskat wrote that headline. Carrie, Carrie, Carrie….Ever the optomist. Bless your heart. I’ll ask her the question I asked her in May. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET MAD?
We’ve been waiting for Milton to break out all year. The only thing he’s broken is his bats over his knees. At $60 a pop, I’d rather see him just carry it back to the dugout or give it to the bat boy and donate the money to Children’s Hospital.

Hate to disappoint you, chieft22, but I don’t write the headlines. And I don’t get mad, just realistic.

Carrie, I admire your trait in remaining calm and collective, as I have my own issues with the Hendry,as far as being realistic don’t you think it’s realistic for some of us if not most of us Cubs fans to blame Hendry for building a defensively challenged team if not outfield? And with him doing that he has realistically opened the door for the Cardinals to take hold of the division. All anger aside, realistically Hendry has a payroll to compete with most big name teams but did not get the presonel to match.

Feel free to vent.

You too Carrie. It would be a refreshing change.

Carrie, the outlet you provide for us Cubs fans to vent is very appreciated. The frustration of witnessing the debacle of Hendry’s dismantling of a contending team is too much to keep bottled up inside, I thank you for patience.

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