8/12 Hendry: "We haven't played like I thought we would"

The Cubs head into Wednesday’s game having lost five of their last six games, and three games behind the Cardinals in the National League Central. Lou Piniella has come under some criticism.

“We’re just going through a tough time,” Cubs GM Jim Hendry said. “A few weeks ago coming out of the break, everybody was applauding him for getting it turned around in the second half. We lost a lot of games when we haven’t knocked in runs with guys in scoring position. We had a couple where we just got kicked, and rightfully so.

“I think you see the same Lou,” Hendry said. “When you get beat and expectations aren’t being met, whether it’s the media or radio or anywhere else, you’re going to get your share of criticism. We all go through it when we’re not doing well.”

Hendry said the Cardinals somehow find a way. 

“As long as they’ve got Tony [La Russa] managing and the guy [Albert Pujols] at first playing, they’re going to have something to say about the race,” Hendry said. “They’ve done some nice additions, too. Obviously their pitching has once again exceeded expectations, a credit to Dave Duncan.

“I thought it would be a three or four-team race. We just haven’t played like I thought we would,” he said. “The injuries are a part of it, but certainly not what I would consider a giant excuse not to be doing somewhat better. Hopefully, we’ll finish the last seven weeks strong and get in.”

* Hendry said the Cubs have made claims on players placed on the waiver wire. Other teams have claimed those players ahead of the Cubs, and some weren’t traded.

“Hopefully, we’ll survive the injuries,” Hendry said.

Ted Lilly (shoulder) was making a rehab start Wednesday night for Class A Peoria and Carlos Zambrano (back) was not expected to miss more than 15 days. Reed Johnson (fractured foot) has not healed as quickly as they anticipated.

— Carrie Muskat



Hey Carrie,

Here is an idea, ask Hendry how he thinks J. Smard is a ML pitcher? How he thought it was a smart idea to blow up a 97 win team? How he thought Heilmann was worth 2 cents? Its about time you ask the real tough questions. How does Hendry thinks he should retain his JOB after this disaster? What a joke.. from Bradley.. to Heilmann.. to Sorry-ano… to J. Smard… bout the worst evaluator of talent this side of China!

AAARRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!! I promised somebody I would try to be nicer when it comes to commenting on Hendry…IT’S SOOOOO HARD not to pile on!!! But I suppose Carrie goes about her job with as much tactfulness as she can muster, what she reports on and what she THINKS can be two differnent things. I have to watch what I say about my work environment to make sure my job isn’t in jeapordy, could be the same for her and many others???? Hendry, you are….ARGGGGGGHHHHH, this refraining from slicing and dicing Hendry to shreads is agonizing.

I have to wonder about Hendry. He obviously ran scared last winter when he gave up so much to try to get a left-handed power hitter (which he still doesn’t have). You give up DeRosa & Wood for the likes of Gregg & Bradley (who can’t find it), & Heilman, Miles & Baker(who Never HAD it)?

Were I the new owner of the Cubs, I think my first order of business might be to find a new GM with enough common sense to leave well-enough alone & not panic. I hope that over the winter, someone can fix this mess, which has to start with parting ways with Miles, Heilman, Bradley & Gregg, and making the signing of a legatimate closer AND a real power hitter my goal. I am sure that DeRosa will probably be off the market, but it might be time to resurrect talks again about Brian Roberts. Marmol needs to find himself either in long winter ball or at the AAA level, Same goes for Samardzija. The kid needs experience & not the humiliation of facing major league hitters yet. I fear the St. Louis has all the pieces this year & 2009, like the well-done steak, is finished. Soriano has about as much zest as my 12 year-old dog. I don’t know what happened to the motivation, but it’s gone for sure. Watch these guys play; they are just going through the motions. As much as I don’t like Bradley, at least he shows some emotion!
If you don’t want to spend the money, at least let Johnson, Blanco, Fox & Hoffpauir play the remainder of the season. Let Guzman try closing; he can’t do any worse!

Are you serious Hendry? You replace Mark DeRosa, probably one of the most clutch players in the game currently, with Aaron Miles?? The guy grounds out more than my one year old, and he’s about the same size! At least Bradley is starting to get hot and shows EMOTION something that Soriano, Gregg, Samardzija & Heilman lack severely! Hendry should be fired after this seasons disgrace; you take a 97 win team and turn them in to a free-for-all, regardless of all the injuries. Zambrano is a head case and needs to be traded for some other quality pitching, after he claimed “retirement after his contract was over” the guy has been less than stellar. Our pitching looks like it was in the 90’s and our bats are so sporadic it’s hard to string any hitting together. WE NEED CONSISTENCY!!! Bringing in new guys year after year is not going to help this ball club. The city of Chicago is on the brink of losing it’s luster with the Cubs and their fans, as you can see by the beer throwing incedent. There’s only so much we can take before another team starts picking up the fan base. You need to take a good, long look in the mirror Hendry, and ask yourself, “Are you really up to the Job of bringing home a World Series?”

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