8/12 This Bud's for you

A fan in the center field bleachers doused Shane Victorino with a beer in the fifth inning as the Phillies center fielder was catching Jake Fox’s fly ball. Left fielder Raul Ibanez pointed out the  offending fan, who was removed from the bleachers by security.

— Carrie Muskat


I am absolutely DISGUSTED with the actions of that idiot in the bleachers behind Shane Victorino! I have family in Maui and visit that island twice yearly. The local newspaper OFTEN has stories about Shane and the various charitable acts he does.
That bleacher fool gives a black eye to Cubbies Nation and places him below humanity in the animal kingdom. Hopefully, legal action will be taken against him.

Well, this is just wrong. I wonder what the protocol is for this kind of activity. I suppose he’ll be banned, as he should be. Then he’ll go back home to his mom’s basement.

Dude, your friends must be reeeeeal proud. How much did that beer cost you anyway? That will be the most expensive beer you’ve ever bought. For a second there, you made everyone forget about Bartman.

Hey – All of you Cub fans/I’ll pay any price to say I saw a live Cub game fools…and to your fine, over-reactive security staff…You got the wrong guy! How about getting it “right” and then taking action…Maybe you are just as diseased as your club…Just go out and look dramatic…never mind that you are doing it right or wrong…Honestly – I truly don’t believe you know the difference. DG Dobes (watch the replay)

I AGREE with “akflash”!!!! I too am TOTALLY DISGUSTED with the actions of that Cubs fan!!!!! How can ANYONE throw beer onto a player DURING a game??? Shane is my FAVORITE Phillies player & he is AWESOME!!!!!! That JERK should be dealt with legally & should NEVER EVER be allowed back into that stadium AGAIN!!!!!! After the game, Shane took it in stride as he was being interviewed by Sarge!!! Shane, you are WAY BETTER than I am!!!!! That action would have made me EXTREMELY MAD!!!!! You didnt deserve that & Im am VERY, VERY PROUD of the way you handle it !!! The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that YOU made the catch, despite that A-HOLE Cubs fan!!!!! Thats his 1st problem…he is rooting for the WRONG TEAM!!!!!! GO SHANE & THE PHILLIES!!!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

Before anyone crucifies the poor man, look back at replays and you will see that the man who was escorted out did NOT throw the beer. It was actually a man 2 or 3 to his right(left on the screen) who threw it. He promptly backed away so someone else could be blamed and even pointed to the other guy. Several people watching from home noticed this right away and we all were commenting on it to each other over Twitter. Security got the wrong man and now he is being humiliated for something he did not do. However, if you were sitting in that section, the guy who did throw the beer was wearing a plain front white t-shirt with sunglasses hooked on the front and a Cubs hat, find him and crucify him, if you must, but leave the scapegoat alone.

The fool that tossed the beer is just that, a fool, he gives a black eye to…well…FOOLS, not Cubs fans. He is not representative of Cubs fans because Cubs fans DON’T DO THAT TYPE OF THING. Cubs fans have respect for the game, the opposition, recognize talent (something Hendry can’t seem to do…ARGGGHHH, there I go again knocking Hendry, sorry Carrie) and even covet that talent. I mean who wouldn’t want Victarino patrolling centerfield for the Cubs??? Any fool in any park can do something like that at any time and it shouldn’t reflect on the fan base just THE FOOL. I do think they tossed the wrong guy, but that’s par for the course if you’re a Cub employeee, GETTING RID OF THE WRONG GUY (DeRosa, Marquis, Hart). Boy, I really need to get into an anger management class to help me deal with Hendry’s terrible moves.

To you, Mr Bud Throwing man –

BOO on you!

You give all of us Cubs fans a bad name.

I have a screen cap that I posted on my friend’s baseball blog that shows who ACTUALLY threw the beer.


bottom line… you should never throw a beer on anyone! EVER!
It’s just plain wrong to waste beer!

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