8/12 Sorry, Shane

Lou Piniella apologized Wednesday night to Shane Victorino and the Phillies for a fan who doused the center fielder with a beer as he caught Jake Fox’s sacrifice fly in the fifth. Left fielder Raul Ibanez pointed to the culprit after the incident, and a fan was ushered out of the ballpark.

“That shouldn’t happen,” Piniella said. “It’s not good sportsmanship and it’s not good behavior. We apologize to Victorino and the Phillies for that.”

Alfonso Soriano hoped the Phillies didn’t retaliate the next time he’s at Citizen’s Bank Park.

“If I play in Philadelphia and some fan does that to me, I’m not going to be happy,” Soriano said.

— Carrie Muskat


I don’t get how this turned into being about Soriano.
I’m sure us Cubs fans would be happy to accommodate Soriano by keeping him OUT OF THE LINE UP while in Philledelphia. In fact, let’s be on the safe side that NO FAN IN ANY STADIUM ever tosses beer on Soriano and keep him out of the line up indefinatley. How about we pour beer on his contract instead?

I will supply the beer for the contract!! Let the pouring begin…

Our own version of the “Chicago Beer Party”, our PATIENCE
is being TAXED without representation. If Hendry is allowed to keep his job he at least should not be allowed to consumate any further transactions WITHOUT THE REPRESENTATION AND CONSENT of us fans. Run it by me first Jim and I’ll have the common sense to tell you if it’s a good deal/move or not since you can’t. Whew! It feels good to be back.

Soriano has produced for years with his unorthodox style of play. Yes, he’s maddening and unpredictable. He’s having a bad year. But when he’s hot he’s brilliant. Have a little patience.

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