8/13 Cubs, Victorino file complaint

The Cubs and Shane Victorino have filed a complaint against the fan who doused the Phillies center fielder with beer in the fifth inning Wednesday night at Wrigley Field. Cubs chairman Crane Kenney met with Victorino on Thursday and apologized for the fan’s behavior.

“I said, ‘Listen, we’re sorry, it shouldn’t have happened here,'” Kenney said. “‘It’s not a good reflection on our city or our organization and we’re going to do whatever we can to make sure that things are made right here.’ And [Victorino] said, ‘Listen, I know you are and I appreciate your help.'”

The Cubs do have security in the bleachers and Kenney said he wasn’t sure what other steps the team could take.

“What are you going to do?” Kenney said. “We serve beer and people sit in the bleachers. If you think about how many years we’ve gone with no issues of any kind, including situations where we had our fans in some way animated about our own players, where they weren’t favorable towards them, so this is an isolated instance. [We’ll] handle it the right way, we think, with the police.

“The Phillies have been great,” Kenney said. “We apologized to the Phillies. Shane’s been terrific about it, and he’s cooperating as we are with the [Chicago Police Department], and we’ll let them take it from here.”

A fan was immediately ushered away after the incident — Victorino was showered as he caught Jake Fox’s sacrifice fly in the fifth inning — but the person apprehended was not the right one.
“It should never happen,” Kenney said. “I don’t care if we’re down 20-1. It’s not right ever and nothing excuses it. So I don’t really have a feeling about whether it’s because we were losing. It should never happen.”

The guilty fan could be charged with assault. Think about that the next time you feel like throwing your beverage on an opposing player.

“You think about it, the obvious one is he threw some beer on him,” Kenney said. “But let’s say the beer was in his eyes and he got hit in the head, and then what’s the next thing that gets thrown from the stands? It just can’t happen, for safety reasons, and because, listen, it’s not right. It’s not the kind of sportsmanship our organization tries to put on the field, and 99.9 percent of our fans would agree, that’s not the way to behave. We had one person who didn’t follow the rules.”

Cubs manager Lou Piniella apologized to Victorino after Wednesday’s game.

— Carrie Muskat


Good for the Cubs! As an AVID Cubs fan, I was disgusted even while watching on TV… There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior… I love my Cubs and I love their fans, but this guy gave us all a bad name…

To the beer thrower: BOO on you!

The cubs should worry less about apologies to victorino and the phils and starting thinking of apologizing to the 40k+ that had to witness this game. pathetic. I certainly do not condone this kind of behavior, however, I think given the circumstances it wasn’t that surprising.

I can’t believe that someone found it acceptable to throw beer on Victorino. I love the Cubs, but what the crap? That was embarrassing for all of us. Regardless of the score, there is NO EXCUSE to throw anything at a player or on the field.

I agree with “billygoatblues” re who the cubs really need to apologize to. as for the beer, unfortunate, but, come on…would someone grow a pair?!?

maryabauer: What does “grow a pair” have to do with this situation? I know it’s an “edgy” phrase to use these days, but maybe you should understand what it means before you use it.

Victorino is right to file a complaint, and seems to be taking it as what it was: a dumba@# individual, not a dumb team or whole fan base. Besides, if fans are mad about how the team is playing, dump a beer on a Cubs player.

i been a cub fan my whole life! im only 27 but , this season an last nite were a joke! last night was the worst game i seen since the early 90’s by the cubs. Way to much talent to be playing like this! we should not throw beer on the phillies we should throw it on whoever is responsible for the way we play! i I love the cubs, cried in 1998 when we were swept by atlanta in first round, same in 2003, when marlins got us, an the last two years! but the police is a little to far! ban the guy from wrigley forever!! give the guy u threw out, tickets to another game, he deserves them, since it wouldnt him!!

I envy Victorino and Crane Kenney at least they have an OPTION in filing a complaint against such a blatant transgression. Where does that leave us Cubs fans Crane???? WE don’t have the luxury of “filing a complaint” against you and the GM you allow to ruin this organization!!! I hope you’re nice and comfy in your ivory tower as all of us true blue fans agonize over the INSANE decisions YOUR GM has made. The inmates are now officially running the organization. If anybody needs to “grow a pair” it should have nothing to do with tossed beer and everyting to do with REPLACING THE GM before he ruins 20011…AND BEYOND!!! Speaking of which, I bet Buzz Lightyear would do a better job as GM…and he’s a DUMMY!!

And another thing, cubs front office, thank u for sending samardzija down!!!! my opinon he shouldnt even started last nite an definetly shouldnt still been in the game at that point! once again he got talent, but isnt using it!! Yeah Yeah i know im not the coach just givin my opinon! we should have tried to get us a (good) pitcher before the deadline, most of the other contenders did! I HATE the whitesox, but atleast they go for it all!! look who all they got! But hopefully everything will work out an this will be the year, like santo said “cub fans never give up”! i havent an never will!! go cubs go!!

I agree joeydafish, they make terrible desicions!! like i said earlier they made their best desicion last nite, “sending jeff down”. us cub fans the most loyal in the game have to suffer year after year! the gm suks!!! i remember in 98 other than sosa an grace, we had nothin but the gm that year went out an got the people we needed to get the job done in september! an we made the playoffs that year!! gettin to the playoffs are great, but falling on our *** everytime we get there is old!

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