8/13 Lineup

Aramis Ramirez said he expects to be back in the Cubs’ lineup Friday against the Pirates, but was not ready Thursday so Jake Fox was starting at third base in the series finale against the Phillies. Here’s the lineup vs. lefty Cliff Lee:

SS Theriot

CF Fukudome

RF Bradley

1B Lee

3B Fox

LF Soriano

C Soto

2B Baker

P Dempster

— Carrie Muskat


I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Lou.

What I mean is, look at the options he has for lead-off, 2nd base, and the corner outfield spots. At least in center he has an option of Fuld if he wanted defense. Man, Bradley and Soriano are starting to make Felix Pie look good….
Good God Jim, what have you done to us???

Alright!!!!, I am so sick and tired of seeing the people that are bashing Milton Bradley even though he is starting to come around. When he was struggling people were all over him and now that he is obviously the hottest hitter on our team people like joeydayfish are still mouthing him. Look, I can handle a guy hitting 250 and hustling his butt down the line every time and playing with some passion (i.e. Bradley), but I cannot stand a guy who is hitting 260 and is walking when he hits a routine popup because he already has his paycheck in his bank account (i.e. Soriano)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bradley struggled early on, no doubt about it, but if you set back and watch the games he and Theriot generally give you everything they got when it comes to effort.

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