8/13 Samardzija to Iowa; Berg up

Jeff Samardzija was optioned to Triple-A Iowa Thursday, one day after making his first ML start vs. the Phillies. The rookie right-hander gave up seven runs on eight hits over 3 1/3 innings in the Cubs’ 12-5 loss to the Phillies. The move was made more because the Cubs needed a fresh arm in the bullpen, and they recalled Justin Berg from Iowa.

“You keep working — there’s always things you need to improve on,” Samardzija said.

Also, Ted Lilly was back in the clubhouse after his five inning Minor League start at Class A Peoria, and said he’s ready to go Monday vs. the Padres. Tom Gorzelanny, hit on the right foot by a ball in Colorado, threw a bullpen Thursday, and said he’s ready to go Sunday against his former team, the Pirates.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, how did the Cubs acquire Berg? I am wondering if this is “strike two” for Hendry in the DeRosa trade. Is Berg one of the 3 AWESOME pitchers that Hendry just HAD TO HAVE at the cost of one of the most SOLID players on the team? Strike one of course being Jeff Stevens, right?
Also, do you think if Soriano’s average dips to .236 as did Hoffpauir’s will HE be demoted too? After all Soriano would be a RIGHT HANDED hitter and we all know right handed hitters aren’t as valuable as left handed hitters, hence the trading of DeRosa and the signing of Bradley, the most prolific left handed bat ever to wear a Cub uniform!!!

The Cubs are done. We can blame Hendry for not going out & getting some offense especially after Ramirez went down in May plus the offense from 2B has been terrible. Cardinals went out & got what they needed (DeRosa, Holiday, Lugo). Cubs have the worst BA with RISP in baseball. Hopefully new ownership will do something about this next year if it ever gets resolved. Thank God hockey season is near.

Come on you guys lets call a spade a spade Hendry didn’t make much of an effort and I think during the offseason losing Marquis and Derosa and don’t forget Blanco (he makes Hill look sick) but 2 years in a row we won the division on talent alone and got blown out in the playoffs and the same would have happened this year, The reason 2 words “LOU PINIELLA” He stinks as a manager Look at the stats no consistency, a different lineup everyday depending on whether a lefty or righty is pitching (stupid) Dosen’t know how to handle pitchers (why is Z taking batting practice on his day off) Fox can play right and Fuld didn”t need Bradley! Cubs are last in steals, sacrifices and hit and runs and why most of all he is so stubborn not to WALK the #8 hitter with 1st base open 2 outs and the pitcher coming up How many times have we been hurt there ? And one more thing with the bases loaded why do you swing at 3-0 counts???? We have the best talent in the league but the worst manager tell it the way it is Steve thats why you don’t work for the Cubs no more!!! Now you can fire me!!

I know I know it’s too late to do anything about it, but I could not believe it when the Cubs traded Mark DeRosa, got Aaron Miles and Milton Bradley. My first reaction was if the Cubs do not win this year, it’s because they got rid of, in my mind and others, the Glue, the bring your lunch pail guy that will play any positon, hit and play hard everyday and all day….That is Mark DeRosa.

I don’t understand why the Cubs didn’t go after a Matt Holiday or someone else for some more offense considering how bad it’s been this year. Yes, I understand the Cubs are not out of the chase, but things are starting to look familiar to me.

Today is a new day and a new game. They are the defending champs for a reason and the last two days we got a big dose of how to get it done. If we can get some assistance for Bradley, Koska, Ram, Lee, Theriot and keep playing Fuld and Fox we can turn this around. (some of the top OBPs which can = runs) It wont be easy but it is possible… But only if THEY WANT IT and IF they can get a team chemistry where everyone is giving a 100%… Bench Soriano or send him to AAA or PLEASE at least put him on waivers to see if ANYONE is interested. He is killing the momentum of this team. It takes one guy to stand up to lead a charge, BUT, it takes time and dedication. It only takes one to bring the entire team down in a matter of MINUTES, and all they have to do is not give a sh**… Philly!! You guys are playing big league by the numbers! I for one am jealouse… Jeff,,, Hope you are able to turn it around and join us soon. Any word on Reed coming back..? I would love 10 guys with his hustle.

You people need to get a grip. The Cubs are in a losing streak. This has happened before. It doesn’t mean the season is over. Lou doesn’t catch, hit, or throw. He just wins division championships. And he did help Milton Bradley get in better groove. He’s now getting some rotation in his lower body and starting to hit for power.

The Cubs need to start producing with runners on base. You have to take a strike and hit the ball to the opposite field. There is too much reliance on the home run.

But’s let’s not give up just yet.

@mj23air : I personally don’t have a problem with Piniella as a coach.. although I do agree with you on the DeRosa trade… that was just stupid. Blame Hendry though. Piniella feels that it’s more important to keep your main starting rotation healthy and rested rather than get burned out trying to win every single game of the season. The baseball season is a marathon.. not a sprint. Losing Marquis wasn’t a big deal to me because our problem this year hasn’t been starting pitching.. it’s been our bullpen. No lights out closer + erratic setup man + shaky short relief = blown games. Marquis was a starter and was not willing to settle for a relief role.

Bradley has been a major bust.. no one is going to argue that.. however.. I can understand the mindset that went into persuing him.

Our 2 biggest problems has been our bullpen and injuries. Lots and lots of injuries. I know all teams deal with injuries.. but cubs starters seems to miss so many more games than any other team out there. I don’t know if that is just my perception or fact.

2 things I won’t really ever understand unless I personally meet Hendry some day:

1.) Why in the world did you trade DeRosa.. who is now tearing it up for are direct competition?

2.) Why the heck did you not make any moves to shore up some holes in the offense due to injuries before the trade deadline?

This has been a very unfortunate year, but what really stands out is that this team lacks soul. Coming down the stretch when they need their most dependable players, Zambrano and Lilly, and where are they? Of course, the DL! Would you ever see Sabathia, Schilling, or even Carpenter (chronically injured) on the DL this late in this season. Absolutely not, because they have soul and grit!
This is why Zambrano will never win the CY Young award.

You can’t blame this season on Bradley; you can blame on Soto, Dempster, and mr. average (Zambrano) for showing that they were one hit wonders last year.

D Lee will probably be gone next year but it was fun to watch him and nice to see someone with similar character to Mark Grace holding down 1st base the past couple of years.

Hopefully Hendry will lead the exodus by being first in line.

I read a lot of blogs where a lot of people think they can be a better general manager than Jim Hendry. So lets break down his horrible mistakes.

The DeRosa trade is one that everyone seems to hate. That trade was done strictly to clear up a little cash and get a few arms doing it. It was plain and simple. Yes, it would be nice to have had him all year, but if we had, Jake Fox would not have had the kind of opportunity he has. He might not have been brought up for any significant time at all. DeRo isn’t exactly tearing it up for the Cards either, hitting around .210 since the move there last I checked. If he were doing that for the Cubs would you all hate him now?

Milton Bradley. Our highest OBP guy and has been right up there all season. Has been hitting over .350 for a month and a half. Has his average up to around .270. Those of you who complain about not hitting in the playoffs he was one of few viable left handed options in the offseason. Ibanez WANTED to go to Philly. Adam Dunne would have been my choice, but we already have Soriano who is unable to play his position sooo…. You got Bradley and if you give him a chance, this guy can hit. Always has.

As for Lou. If you think you can do a better job than him. You’re delusional. Back to back division champs. Has a World Series ring. I haven’t accomplished either of these things and neither have you. My only complaints for much of the year was that he had Bradley in the 4-5 hole when he wasn’t driving in runs and Sori stayed in the 1 slot so long. The move to 2 or even 1 could have come quicker for Bradley, and the opposite for Sori.

Alfonso Soriano. When this guy is on, he can carry a whole
team hitting .200 around him. Nobody was complaining last August when he was hitting every ball he saw out of the park or off the wall. Nobody was complaining in April to early May when he was dropping 12 bombs and hitting .400. He got in a pretty big slump and everyone jumping ship on him inside of a month probably didn’t help. Slumps happen in baseball and with Sori you know he’s streaky so I’m not sure why everyone was so surprised when he got down for a while. I hate to watch him drop fly balls too, but that’s part of the package. Deal with it.

Aaron Miles. Sucks. Cardinal fans have known it for years. We wasted a couple million dollars on him. Maybe he’ll get healthy and fill our black hole of offense at second. I don’t know who else was out there we could have gotten instead.

I’ve seen numerous comments from fans that Soriano should be dropped to AAA or something like that. Ummm… Just in case you didn’t know. It doesn’t work that way. No options left for Soriano. And I’ve hear a lot of bring back Hoffpauir tantrums. Hoff wasn’t hitting and he was being used to his strengths. Sam Fuld? Not a legitimate big leaguer. Spot starter, pinch runner, at best.

So, that’s my piece. The Cubs biggest problem has been inconsistencies due to injury. Short and sweet. Not Jim Hendry or Lou Piniella.

Nope, biggest problem still is Jim Hendry and all his bad decisions, but nice try.

Where’ve you been all season bgordon? Yeah, that’s it Lou can spend a week with each player helping them do their jobs effectively. Hmmm that would bring us to … January. Then we can looks to the playoffs. What, the season ends in September. Oh, well…

Hard to argue against that joey. I mean all that solid evidence you produce. How about this. Cubs division titles from post wwII. 1946-2002(When Hendry took over) 2. Cubs division titles since Hendry took over, 2003-2008. 3. To break that down into percentages that would be. Pre-Hendry the Cubs win the division 3.6% of the time. Since Hendry they win the division 50% of the time. Yep, he makes all the wrong moves.

Joey with all due respect… “Nobody was complaining in April to early May when he was dropping 12 bombs and hitting .400. ”
I WAS! He was one dimensional and the weakest link on defense. Huge waste of $$$

“I hate to watch him drop fly balls too, but that’s part of the package. Deal with it.” Thats a BAD package especially for the money. I don’t want to deal with it. I shouldn’t HAVE to deal with it. I will show my disgust by not spending any money on anything to do with the Cubs while he is a member of the active squad. Thats about all I can do… Just my $ .02 …

That’s the most frustrating part, I realize Hendry deserves some credit for the division victories most notably hiring Pinella (although I think he is starting to get tired….) to manage the little talent Hendry acquired combined with what could arguably be his only solid moves (Ramirez and Lee) but to dismantle a team good enough to contend and
cling to his “gotta get more lefthanded mantra” and handicap any chance of having a solid outfield in the next year or two his enough to negate anything positive he has done in the past, it’s unforgivable and grounds for dismisal, so, I guess you summed it well..YEP, HE MAKES ALL THE WRONG MOVES. I wonder what we would come up with if we compared all 8 year contracts in the major leagues, if Soriano’s would be justified? It’s not so much he signed these type of players in order for a chance to win but the length of contracts for the type of talent? BAD.

jsclmedave, no disrespect taken, maybe I wasn’t complaining in April when you were. That’s the issue I guess, you can only justify a bad defensive player if he MORE THAN makes up for his lack of defensive skills with his bat, now it doesn’t seem like he’s capable of that, leaving this team with a VERY BAD contract for another 5 years thanks to Hendry.

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