8/17 Rotation update, Theriot and 2nd base

The Cubs have tweaked the rotation for this West Coast trip. Rich Harden, who was to start Sunday against the Pirates, now will go Wednesday in the series finale against the Padres. Tom Gorzelanny will start Thursday followed by Randy Wells, which gives him a couple extra days of rest. The Cubs have been trying to give the rookie right-hander a breather since he’s closing in on season high in innings pitched.

* Lou Piniella was happy to hear Carlos Zambrano admit that he needs to work harder at his exercises.

“It takes a little courage to do that and being truthful,” Piniella said. “We’ve tried to encourage him to work hard. He’s got so much natural ability that at times he thinks he can get away with just his natural ability. He’s got to work. I was glad to see he ‘fessed up to it and hopefully he can give us a strong finishing kick, because we’re going to need it.”

Zambrano, who admitted he was “lazy” in his workouts, stayed in Chicago to continue his exercises, will make a rehab start Thursday for Class A Peoria, and then return to the Cubs rotation next Tuesday.

* Ryan Theriot was not with the team. He is sidelined with the stomach flu and stayed back in Chicago. Apparently, his whole family is sick as well. Theriot was expected to rejoin the Cubs on Tuesday in San Diego.

* Expect Jeff Baker to get the majority of playing time at second base.

“He’s been doing a nice job,” Piniella said. “At the same time, hopefully, getting [Mike] Fontenot a few at-bats, he’ll be able to help us off the bench in spot duty at times. If he wants to get back in there, swing the bat. We’ll let him. I like Fontenot as the player. He’s struggled and the other kid basically has done better.”

— Carrie Muskat


If its all about production why is Miles in our line-up?

Excellent point jonah_hex, the same can be said for Soriano!!

Oops, my BADley (as in Milton), Soriano isn’t in the line up,
Fox is. O.K., can’t argue with Lou on that, nice to see him show he’s got stones.

Thanks for the rotation update/clarification! I hope the extra rest doesn’t throw Harden too much off course – but I feel much better about him going Wednesday than Thursday or Friday. I suspect he does, too. Hopefully his arm reacts to Sunday’s full warm-up like any other side session….

Man, best wishes to Theroit and his bunch for a speedy recovery. That situation doesn’t sound too good.

It is really hard to watch our team this year. A lot of the problem is with the ownership and the management. The DeRosa Trade was horrible and has affected this team terribly. Nothing against Miles but he is no DeRosa and he has been on the DL more this year than DeRosa and his production is no where near DeRosa’s. The ownership not willing to back Woody was terrible after Woody sacrificed a lesser contract in 2008 to stay with his original team, change to a closer and save 34 games. People do not talk a lot about this but it is difficult for pitchers to move from team to team and I believe that Woody would be having a much better season had he been with us! Plus we give a good prospect away for Gregg then have to pay him 4mil? Gregg is not a premier closer and is hurting our club. I trust Woody much more with the ball then I do Gregg. Also, not keeping Blanco has hurt too as a young Soto was learning well from his teacher. I feel the management/ownership has been trying very hard to hurt this team not help it because how else do you explain the trades made last year and this year? It is time for Hendry to go and I cannot wait for The Tribune/Sam Zell to get out of our Cubs face and let the new owners be apart of something special.

Daaboss…too bad you aren’t the boss of Hendry, no doubt you would have sent him packing by now, I would have paid his cab fair just to get him out of Wrigleyville!!!

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