8/18 Marmol to close

Carlos Marmol will handle the closer duties for now, taking over for Kevin Gregg, who gave up four runs in the ninth inning Monday night to the Padres. Lou Piniella and pitching coach Larry Rothschild met with Gregg Tuesday.

“If you look at it for what it is, out of 10 games, I’ve had three bad ones,” Gregg said. “To me, I’m getting beat now with the home run. I looked at the computer and I’ve given up more home runs this year than extra-base hits last year. That’s discouraging. That’s the volatility of the closer. I’ve pitched pretty good all year and had three bad games in August here.”

Marmol admitted Tuesday he was a little “disappointed” when he lost the competition for the closer’s job this spring.

“I’ll take the baseball and do whatever Lou wants me to do,” Marmol said.

— Carrie Muskat


You know you’re in trouble when you have a closer who leads all bullpen pitchers and most of the starters in walks.

All i can say is “its about time”. Gregg is a fly ball pitcher and should have not been a closer. Not in Chicago. Where its always windy and especially right after having knee surgery in the off season. I hope that marmol is the answer, but fear he’s not. What’s the difference between home runs and runners walked in? Takes longer to lose the game.

Marmol will be the closer for years to come, watch. Great move by the Lou. Gregg makes me want to throw up. That game last night was the worst. Pathetic Gregg. Shame on Hendfry for thinking we could go to a World Series with Kevin Gregg as our closer. Now we won’t even make the playoffs.

Marmol is not the answer! He pouted all season when told that he would not be the closer, and his performance showed. He says that he will take the ball and do what ever Piniella wants. So why didn’t he do that up till now? Why is it that we did not make any moves when Ramirez went down? Why is it that we were happy to just bring up our minor leaugers? Ramirez is not 100%, it shows. Watching the first few innings of todays game, you can tell his shoulder hurts. He swang and dropped the bat, he just went for aground ball and errored and dropped his glove. Well I guess it’s another Prior deal, use and abuse the player until he so far damaged that we release him. We should have made a move to make our starting rotation stronger. Now that the Cards went out and got the team thay wanted they are now too strong to catch and are pulling away. I blame management for this, we are a broken team and can not be fixed. We keep looking for a bandaid until we are all haelthy. But a bandaid is only good for a short time. Wake up management! We should have just had a fire sell like the pirates and start over, or is that the plan for next year? I have been a die hard Cubs fan for 45 years and I have to admit that this year has been tha most frustrating! Marmol is not the answer and I do not see this team today going anywhere nera the playoffs…GO CUBS….ho-hum.

Starting to think the cow has already left the barn. It’s wait til next year again. It will most likely be the same thing for several years to come. Too many bad contracts.

How about Woody? I know that sounds old but the decisions at the end of last year and what we have seen this year are just mind-boggling. It is really hard to watch our team this year. A lot of the problem is with the ownership and the management. The DeRosa Trade was horrible and has affected this team terribly especially in something that “used” to be a big commodity, known as chemistry or in another term: relationships. You do not win 97 games (08 Cubs) without chemistry, leadership and so forth. Nothing against Miles but he is no DeRosa and he has been on the DL more this year than DeRosa and his production is no where near DeRosa’s. The ownership not willing to back Woody was terrible after Woody sacrificed a lesser contract in 2008 to stay with his original team, change to a closer and save 34 games. Yes Woody had 6 blsv’s but that again went along with 34 saves, 84 so’s only 18 bb’s and ONLY 3 hr’s all in his first season as a closer! People do not talk a lot about this but it is difficult for pitchers to move from team to team and I believe that Woody would be having a much better season had he been with us! So, what does management do? They trade away another good prospect (Sounds like what they did when they went after Juan Pierre and gave the Marlins 3 prospects) to the Marlins and we have to avoid arbitration with Gregg? Gregg is not a premier closer. I trust Woody much more with the ball then I do Gregg. Also, not keeping Blanco has hurt too as a young Soto was learning well from his teacher. Injuries are a part of the game but areas that you have control over, like personnel, are the management’s responsibility. And I feel the management/ownership has been trying very hard to hurt this team not help it because how else do you explain the trades made last year and this year? It is time for Hendry to go and I cannot wait for The Tribune/Sam Zell to get out of our Cubs face and let the new owners be apart of something special.

Daaboss…YOU ARE DA BOSS!!! Perfectly stated. There is so much more that we can all add to the bad moves and decisions by Hendry that there is not enough space or time to get it all down. I fear we are now in the typical “hope for the best” mode as we can only hope that Marmol can harness his talent and become the closer for years to come and only hope (of course, maybe an e-mail campaign is in order for this one…) that Jim Hendry resigns as firing him dosn’t seem to be an option because some bone-headed “executive” extended his contract!!! This is the blind leading the blind (I apologize to blind people and mean no offense). How can there be a ‘fire sale”? You have to have buyers to have a sale. Who would buy the contracts (even heavily discounted) of Soriano, Bradley, Miles, Heillman, Gregg etc.??? Not one smart GM would come near them which speaks volumes regarding Hendry’s capacity. I don’t care if Lou signed off on any of these guys, the GM HAS TO MAKE THE CALL on the personel and have the final say. End of story, Hendry has to go or fall on his sword for the sake of the team’s future.

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