8/19 Broadcast news

There’s a story Wednesday on MLB.com about players going from on the field to on camera and becoming broadcasters. Cubs television play by play man Len Kasper was asked who he thought could make a smooth transition to the booth.

“Ryan [Dempster] would be the obvious answer,” Kasper said. “I think he likes the camera, he likes the media. He’s very smart, very funny.

“The biggest thing for any player or recent former player is taking your player hat off and understanding you need to be a broadcaster,” he said. “I once heard the line from Mike Krukow, and I think it was Hank Greenwald who told him, ‘You have two choices — you’ll either be known as a former player or as a broadcaster.’ When you think about it, former players who become broadcasters, when it’s all said and done, most people remember them for their broadcasting careers as much as their playing careers. That’s a key distinction. When you do this job, you’re a broadcaster first, ex-player second, and I think my partner [Bob Brenly] embodies that. I think Ryan would jump right in.

“I think Carlos Marmol would be great,” Kasper said. “He has a great personality and loves the game. Every time I talk to him we have an interesting conversation on some nuance of the game. He asks me questions about what we have going on. Knowing him, he might be able to do it in English at some point. He’s gotten much better at his English.

“Jake Fox would be excellent,” Kasper said. “He’s really smart. The big thing for Jake is to slow down. He talks real fast. I think he’d be a natural.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Speaking of broadcast moves the Cards just got Smoltz. I sure hope the Cards fade and we come alive down the stretch. They have acquired DeRosa, Holliday, Lugo, and now Smoltz. What have we done? Absolutely nothing!! We have not gotten better in any way. I mean yeah we got Grabow, Gorzellany, and Baker, a far cry from what the Cards have done. Go Cubs!!!

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