8/21 Patience is a virtue

Alfonso Soriano entered Friday’s game with five hits in his last 41 at-bats for a .122 average. He’s worked in the cage, tried to hit more to right field. The Cubs have suggested Soriano switch to a lighter bat, but he’s resisted. Lou Piniella has only so much patience.

“Invariably, you have to start hitting at some point,” Piniella said.

What that means remains to be seen. At this point, the Cubs don’t have many options, except Sam Fuld, who started in center Friday, and Jake Fox, who has started two games in right and four in left.

— Carrie Muskat


wow, why is soriano so stubern?!? ALFONSO,!your batting a whole .241 on the season, you should be willing to do ANYTHING to try to helpl this team win, OBVIOUSLY the bat u use is TOO HEAVY!your not gna win a trophy for using the heaviest bat in baseball.Jus don’t be mad wen lou benches you u for sam fuld or jake fox cuz YOU ARE NOT HITTING!Hopefully reed johnson provides a spark wen he comes back n lou has no choice but to bench you.

Soriano has frustrated me more than any Cub player. Stubborn doesn’t begin to tell the story. He makes no adjustments, his plate discipline has worsened over the past 2-3 years, and he is currently the easiest out in the lineup… including the pitcher’s spot. Maybe it’s confidence, or the bat, or whatever, but to the disheartened onlooking Cubs fan, it just seems to me that he’s made little to no effort to improve or make an adjustment… and those outside breaking pitches continue to receive swings and misses. He’s a veteran now, and he should be better than this… what’s his salary compared to his teammates by the way???

Soriano could strike out on a throw over to first. I am not sure other teams even take him seriouly anymore. He does have one thing going for him though, I still would rather have Soriano bat then Miles anyday.

patience, what patience? I think that Cubs fans have been quite patient this year. I don’t know what the Cubs are patiently waiting for. Maybe it’s for October so they can go hunting or fishing necause that’s what is going to happen. Realistically, our season ended about a month ago. Let’s hope that the new owner will build a fire under the “new” GM (let’s hope we get one) to aquire players that want to win. Heilman, Miles, & Gregg need to be let go the day after the season is over. Bradley needs to go back to the American League & DH. Hendry’s experiment failed miserably. Maybe some AL team will be willing to pick up his contract. Soriano never has produced the numbers that Cub fans hoped he would. He needs to also move on down the road. Patience? I’ve been patient for 56 years, how many more do I have to wait? Let’s play the players that WANT to play. Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen Lou?

Another pathetic performance by the Cubs Friday against a guy who doesn’t even throw 90 mph. If I lived in Chicago, I wouldn’t even go to the games, but 40,000 people continue to show up to drink and sit in the sun. I hope the new owner cleans house and brings in respected baseball people to run this team. If I were Piniella, I would leave after this year. As a player used to clutch performances with the Yankees, he shouldn’t be subjected to this garbage.

I have been a very patient Cub fan for a lot of years, but it is time to clean house. $135 M payroll and this is what we get? NO ACCOUNTABILITY??? Lou has to take the blame for not making each player accountable for this mess and only making excuses, just like Dusty used to do. Fire Lou and bring someone in (Brenley?) that will show some life and make these spoiled millionaires accountable for playing the game the right way… I am disgusted. GIVE Soriano away if we have to. $18M a year for 5 more years??? Anyone want to buy my tickets? This is PATHETIC!!!

Jim Hendry should make a public apology and give three years salary to former hitting coach Gerald Perry for firing him. As we can all “see,” having a new hitting coach has done absolute wonders for Sorryiano, those bums Miles and Bradley, the one year wonder, Soto, Fontenot, Hill, etc. etc. As I said the other day, with Hendry and Ricketts being friends, I am afraid Hendry will stay, but he’s gotta go with sour Lou. I am still going crazy over Lou taking out Gorzelanny the other night for Aar.. Mil.. or just plain AM, which stands for Always Making outs. 23 Rynes dad you are right on; it’s time to clean house. If Ricketts will eat most of Sorryiano’s contract, Bradley’s, Dumpster’s, Miles, and all of Hendry’s, maybe we can get lucky and ship them out together. All aboard!!!!!

I agree with all of you, especially those of you calling for the release of Jim Hendry. I can only hope any friendship between the Ricketts family and the Hendry family does not get in the way of the prudent decision of firing Hendry. We don’t have to worry about “letting go” of Gregg, he is a free agent at the end of the season and I don’t think Hendry is as dumb enough as box of rocks to re-sign him. Hendry signed Soriano when Soriano was entering his “twilight years” to an EIGHT YEAR DEAL, that’s just plain STUPID AND WRONG especially regarding a player that brought ONE TALENT TO THE GAME…home runs, once that’s gone (now?) he is completley useless. He could swing a toothpick and strill swing at bad pitches. Even if he miraculously regains SOME OFFENSIVE PRODUCTION we are still left with a buthcer in left field. He makes Dave Kingman look like Roberto Clemente. That ONE ACQUISTION and CONTRACT ALONE is grounds for firing Hendry. The Heillman, Gregg, Miles, DeRosa, Marquis, BRADLEY crap deals are just icing on his farewell cake.

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