8/22 Theriot update

Ryan Theriot did not start Saturday because of a bruised left knee suffered Friday night in the seventh inning. Theriot’s status was day to day. He has hit safely in 12 of his last 13 games, batting .350 in that stretch. Aaron Miles started at shortstop in Theriot’s place.

— Carrie Muskat


The Cubs need to trade their starting outfield before next season. Neither 3 can hit when it counts. How many games are they going to lose scoring less than 3 runs. Good pitching is wasted on this team. Soriano, Fukedome, and Bradley are killing an otherwise talented team.

Two more pathetic losses on Friday and Saturday by this sorry bunch of losers. Since the season is over, they should platoon Fuld/Soriano in left. They should also try to trade some of the underperforming players (the whole team except for Wells, Lee, Ramirez and Thereit) to contenders for some prospects.

These guys can’t be traded to any team let alone contending teams as contending teams look for players to HELP them get over the edge. The only hope is if the Ricketts’s o.k. eating the entire salary of Soriano and at least half the salary of Bradley as Bradley may be picked up by an american league team that wants to give him a chance at DH but Soriano? No way will the Cubs ever receive any value from his contract. Or, we need a manager
(and it could be Lou) that will bench Soriano and Bradley until they start itching to be traded or released. But even then could you imagine the weak bench we would have???
No defense, no pinch hitters??? Yikes, Hendry RELLY screwed this good team up quite a bit.

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