8/25 Lineup & Soriano update

Alfonso Soriano was a late scratch Tuesday because of a sore left knee, and the Cubs outfielder says he’d like to get an MRI to determine what’s wrong. Soriano took early batting practice Tuesday, and felt some discomfort then. He thought it would feel better after treatment but it didn’t.

“It’s been tight for three or four days,” Soriano said.

The left fielder would like to be healthy for the stretch, and planned on talking to the team medical staff.

“I’ve been playing with a bad knee for four months,” Soriano said. “One week feels good, two weeks bad. Sometimes it’s 80 percent, sometimes 90. It depends on the weather and the treatment. The more important is to see if they can do a MRI today or tomorrow to clear my mind. It’s more mental — I don’t know what I have in my knee.”

Carlos Zambrano was activated from the DL before the game, and Esmail Caridad optioned to Triple-A Iowa. Here’s the lineup vs. the Nationals:

SS Theriot

RF Bradley

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

CF Fukudome

LF Fox

C Soto

2B Fontenot

P Zambrano

— Carrie Muskat


now i will get my wish. jake fox in LF for the rest of the season. no offense, soriano. you can carry this team. hope you get your knee figured out. if that’s really what’s holding you back, i hope you get it fixed and come back with a serious vengeance when you feel better. honestly i hope that. because you can rake like crazy. but right now, fox has been the one with the rake and it’s time for him to do a little cleaning up for us here at wrigley. woot, y’all.

Why did he wait this long to say anything about being injured ? Shoud he return some of his salary for ruining so many of us fans year expecting him to play better ? RAV.

I really don’t get why the Cubs didn’t push for Smoltz or Wagner. We could’ve got them for cheap and help us big time down the stretch. Also why Lou keep playing Fontenot having a hot bat in Baker? I really don’t see a lot hope this year and I don’t think they will be able to do in one month what they should’ve have done through out the season. I don”t think the regulars will be able to get it done.

Why did he wait this long to say anything about being injured ? Shoud he return some of his salary for ruining so many of us fans year expecting him to play better ? RAV.

One wonders if Soriano should have let his problem be known before he performed so miserably the last few weeks. If in fact he was injured, why did the trainers not recognize it? A professional should be team-oriented and take himself out of the games if his performance is so consistently hurting the ball club. I wish him well,but cannot help but resent the big bucks he commands for the little benefit the Cubs are getting from him.

Soriano needs to go on the 15 day DL and then get some “rehab work” in double A. Maybe if he can start teeing off on some minors then he can carry that over to the majors. Give Fuld some more playing time. Give Fox some more playing time. They have both earned it. And why not stick Fox at C? He only a 3rd string backup, but with his bat plus Fuld Defense in left, the team can be carried.

Soriano is belatedly claiming an injury. Did this injury cause him to flail away at every curve or slider in the dirt? Did this injury cause him to misjudge so many fly balls? Did this injury prevent him from picking up a baseball on the first try? Did the injury prevent him from even attempting to hit to right field? It’s time to cut the losses, and play Fox or Fuld and forget Sorry and his puny OBP!

Sori”s prob is not the knee, it’s his eyes. He need’s glasses. When you continually go down swinging at pitches a foot off the plate in the dirt, you have got to have a vision problem. When they get two strikes on him, I along with most everyone in the ballpark know the next pitch is the slider in the dirt away. Here’s a tip. DON’T SWING, TAKE THE PITCH! Take what there giving you, a walk. Geez! If you walk enough times they will have to start throwing you strikes.

Soriano is not “belatedly claiming” an injury; he’s been trying to play through the knee problem. Yes, he’s looked terrible at the plate, but it’s not because of his knee or his eyesight. What’s hurt him more is an unwillingness to change, to switch to a lighter bat, to shorten his swing, to focus on hitting to RF. He’s a great guy, but he’s stubborn.

The sad part is even IF Soriano was WILLING to “change”, use a lighter bat, shorten his swing, hit to right field…he becomes “just another hitter” and not the run producing power hitter that he ONCE WAS and was mistakenly paid to CONTINUE TO BE by Hendry even though age will take it’s toll on this type of hitter. So, a more efficeint hitter in Soriano still leaves us with a TERRIBLE DEFENDER in left field. There is no getting aroung the fact that Hendry completley caught himself flat footed on the Soriano contract, the Bradley contract and seeing how little we’re getting from another “run producer” Fukodome his contract as well. This trio has to go down in Cubs’ history as possibly the worst FREE AGENT COMBINED OUTFIELD ACQUIRED BY ONE GM…EVER. ONE GM!!! It’s bad enough that one GM’s mistake may be followed by ANOTHER GM’s mistakes but what Hendry did???? Inexcusable.

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