8/26 Soriano update

Alfonso Soriano, who has not played since Friday, was in the Cubs lineup Wednesday. He said he’ll continue to get treatment on his left knee and if the discomfort does not go away, Soriano wants to get an MRI, possibly on the next off day, Sept. 10. The knee bothers him when he runs, not when he hits.

Soriano may consider a cortisone shot if that helps alleviate the pain.

“It goes to show you he wants to play,” Lou Piniella said. “That’s the first thing it shows you. Over the 17, 18 years I played in the big leagues, I had my share and more of cortisone shots in my shoulder to play. You have professional people administering these shots. If they can alleviate some discomfort and get you through the season without it being risky, I don’t see any problem with it.”

With the wet grounds on Wednesday, the Cubs may adjust the lineup to risk further injury.

— Carrie Muskat


My question here is: SHOULD Soriano play? As in, can he be productive despite his injury? His recent struggles at the plate say otherwise. I think he should rest until he’s better.

Why not just leave soriano out of the lineup, it seems everytime he comes up hes an automatic out. I thought the cubs was trying to make the playoffs, and to make the playoffs dont you have to play the players that are playing the best. Fox has been playing way better than Soriano. but we keep playing the careless soriano, and who cares if he wants to play, fox wants to play as well, get someone that wants to win and wants to be out in the field everyday and wont make any errors as well.

Just because he says he can play doesn’t mean he should. If he is hurt, and has been hurt for quite some time, then we’ve already seen how poorly he performs when playing injured. If that’s all we can expect then he should sit until he’s healed. Put Fox or Fuld out there in his place.

Ditto that.

This is the problem with superstar contracts. They are never going to sit him. If they could then Jake Fox would be out there every day. You know the cubs would rather have a willing to learn left field hustler that CAN hit out there versus Sorry-ano but it ain’t gonna happen, so we gotta deal with – “breaking ball in the dirt..strike three”

You folks are liking weiners too much. Would you like to see mine instead of whining about Soriano?

Yes, Soriano should play. The Cubs NEED his bat if they want any chance whatsoever at the postseason. He can get extremely hot at times (read: September ’07 14 hrs 27 rbi’s) and if he doesn’t get hot, the Cubs don’t make it anyway. Our only shot is to play him as much as possible and hope he does what his career number suggest he will. Today, he was NOT an automatic out; in fact, he fouled off the pitches he usually strikes out on and hit a couple of balls hard. So quit hating on him just because he hasn’t produced lately. And you know what, that goes for Bradley too. He’s pulling his own weight and just happens to lead the team in OBP. Just because his rbi’s are a little low doesn’t mean he isn’t a solid contributor to our team. I’m sick of hearing that Soriano and Bradley need to go. On that subject, though, I would have few qualms with sending Gregg and Miles over the ditch. Bottom line: our veterans are going to carry us. Good game today and GO CUBS!

Why is Fontenot sitting and Soriano playing? Fontenot lost his starter job this year, why not Sori? Get Fuld in there; this season is a bust; lets prep for 2010.

One nice thing about being at the game is we can watch a player and study how he plays, and not just what they show us on TV. Soriano appears to not be able to see the ball very well when it’s hit to him. This makes me wonder if he’s having eye problems, and that would also explain his poor hitting this year. I’ve seen him search for fly balls, and make a run for them way to late. He’s not the same ballplayer we saw last year, but neither are a few of them. One paper, this is one heck of a team. I’m amazed at the poor play I’ve seen. Lou can only put them in the game. They players can make Lou look good, or make him look stupid. Same player, same call, he can come out of it either way.

Bradley’s RBIs are a little low??? Ha!
You don’t build a team around a couple of DH’s playing the outfield. Soriano may yet still be a slightly better defender than Fox…but it’s not like the Cubs would be SACRIFICING any defense with Fox in left over Soriano, at least until Soriano is healthy enough to hit a home run once in new moon along with his mis-playing balls in left. Bradley’s OBP leads the team….woo hoo!!! Give him a raise! So does his paranoia.
Soriano and Bradley need to go.
Soriano and Bradley need to go.
Soriano and Bradley need to go.
Soriano and Bradley need to go.

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