8/27 Harden, Heilman reportedly claimed

Cubs pitchers Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman have reportedly been claimed on waivers.

FOXSports.com cited Major League sources Thursday as saying a National League team was awarded the claim on Heilman. The claiming team on Harden was not known, but presumably he did not get through the National League, either. Players must pass through their own league first before being exposed on waivers to teams in the other league.

The Cubs will have until Monday to work out trades, allow Harden and Heilman to depart on claims, or pull them back them from waivers. Harden is 3-1 with a 1.80 ERA in eight starts since the All-Star break.

The Giants, Rockies and Dodgers all are interested in adding starting pitching, and Harden would be an attractive pickup. Harden is 8-7, 3.99 ERA overall in 22 starts, while Heilman is 2-3 with a 4.55 ERA.

— Carrie Muskat


Well, let’s see how Hendry screws this one up…

Unless of course he somehow does launch Heillman. The funny thing is he would probably get credit for dealing Heillman, the same Heillman that HE acquired during one of his many brain freezes. We’ll probably throw a parade if and when he “moves” Miles in yet another one of his masterfully orchestrated, gutsy moves!!

let heilmann go.. for NOTHING.. that is about all he is worth.

Harden.. if you can get something very good then do it. Otherwise, pull him back because is will be a TYPE A free agent this offseason.. which would get you 2 picks.

Heilman on waivers I get, but Harden? What’s the logic? He’s pitched well after the All-Star break, and his record would be better if the Cubs’ overpriced offense would actually muster some runs.

Faninva, that’s exactly why the Cubs put him out there. For all the player talk about not giving up on this season, it looks like the Front Office pretty much has. I gather the front office is thinking they might be able to coerce an arm and a leg for Harden out of a team that is in contention right now and desperately needs another solid starter. But whatever they got in the trade would have to be worth as much as the two compensation picks the Cubs would get if Harden left as a free agent this offseason, so I would think it’s unlikely anything gets done. But who knows.

Someone really wants Heilman??? I dont really want Harden to go but if you can get a healthy, young, good, pitcher im all for it.

I say we keep Harden. He is cheap and has done a good job for us since he got here. Heilman on the other hand BYE and never come back. I hope someone claims Miles as well so we can get Bobby Scales back up here in Miles’ role

I cringed when I heard Hendry traded for Heilman. SO, Jimbo, here’s your chance to make up for it. There are teams desperate…I mean in the next four days desperate…to get a good arm. Heilman’s got a good arm. He has no control, nor does he compete, but he’s got a good arm. Make the deal.
Considering how much help they’ve been this season, where were the “OIL” waivers? You know, the “outs in the lineup” waivers? Fontenot, Soriano, Bradley, Hill? Make someone a package deal for all four.
I have a few questions for Carrie. How many times has a Cub pitcher walked the leadoff batter in an inning and that runner comes around to score? Also how many times has Soriano struck out on a breaking ball down and away? With RISP? With the bases loaded? To kill a rally? How much are the Cubs paying him per strikeout? With RISP? With the bases loaded? To kill a rally?

I completely agree with mymlb, the players received in a trade for Harden would have to be as good or better than what we would recieve as draft picks. According to Hendry’s track record of either picks or trades I don’t have any confidence in him getting value for Harden. It’s all a moot point until we replace Hendry and let a better GM get value for ANYBODY. Hendry should be finding a way to re-sign Harden (yes, despite his risky health issues) because that was one of his FEW good trades and Harden does perform well when healthy, unlike Hendry’s other acquistions like Soriano, Miles, Bradley, Fukodome who even when healthy perform average AT BEST. It’s strange how Hendry can take a gamble on Hittin Badley (when healthy) with HIS DOCUMENTED physical AND mental issues is a sub-par defensive outfielder with just a GOOD bat when Harden’s pay-off (when healthy) is a dominant pitcher. Hard to figure Hendry’s moves latley. Didn’t he trade “just” Murton and Gallagher for Harden? So anybody we get in return for Harden may turn out to be as average
as them if Hendry is in charge. Keep Harden, launch Hendry!

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