8/27 Lineup

Koyie Hill, who had three hits on Wednesday, including a two-run double, was back in the lineup for the series finale vs. the Nationals.

SS Theriot

RF Bradley

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

CF Fukudome

LF Soriano

2B Fontenot

C Hill

P Wells

— Carrie Muskat


what’s the deal w/ Milton Bradley…really, shouldn’t he take his medication

Not that any team would claim him but…can Jim Hendry be put on waivers??? Please???

Hey Carrie what is going on with Rich Harden? I hear he and Heillman have have been claimed off waivers.

Any details?

Yep, let’s keep trotting Sori and Badly out there. Lou’s trying to get Hendry fired and so he keeps putting these guys out in the field. Maybe Badly will get pelted with garbage, that would be fitting. And not at all racist.

todays game was horrible, playing one of the worst if not the worst teams in the majors and the cubs cant beat them, lee and Ramirez having five of the six hits, and what exactle did soriano do, goes 0 for 4, so what he had a hit yesterday, they didnt need any help, but today when they do he is no where to be found, i bet fox coulda got one maybe two hits, and why is everyone getting on bradley, hes been hitting the ball a lot better compared to what he did in the first half, keep it up milton, just do your thing. and for soriano again leave him out of the lineup for a week and see how many games the cubs win. prolly more than they are winning now.

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