9/3 Early quick hits

Expect Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano and Ryan Theriot back in the Cubs lineup Thursday against the White Sox. Lou Piniella wanted to give them a breather Wednesday.

* The Cubs bullpen enters Thursday’s game with a 20 1/3 scoreless inning streak, dating back to Aug. 27. Carlos Marmol has converted five straight save opportunities.

* Cubs pitchers have yet to throw a complete game this year. There have been three times in franchise history when the team has not had at least one nine-inning CG by June 1, and one other time not by Sept. 1.

According to research by historian Ed Hartig, the latest CG of the season:

Sept. 16, 2006: Rich Hill

June 11, 2008: Ryan Dempster

June 10, 1983: Fergie Jenkins

* Interleague play will finally be over after Thursday’s makeup game between the Cubs and White Sox.This ties for the latest Cubs’ Interleague game. On Sept. 3, 1997, the Cubs beat the Twins, 10-6, at Wrigley. Previously, the latest the Cubs and White Sox had played a regular season game was July 14, 2001, which the White Sox won, 3-1.

— Carrie Muskat

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How about Big Z’s no hitter last September? Didn’t he complete the game?

Wow, I hadn’t realized that about the lack of CGs! I thought for sure Wells had thrown one at some point in May when he was busy being all amazing and getting no run support.

Nabeshin – the specific games Carrie has listed represent the latest point in the season when the FIRST complete game of that season was thrown. So in 2008, no Cubs pitcher threw a complete game until Dempster’s in June 11, 2008. Zambrano’s September no hitter was indeed a CG, but it wasn’t the first CG of that season.

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