9/8 Bradley out with tightness in legs

Milton Bradley was removed from the lineup Tuesday because of minor tightness in his legs. Bradley had two at-bats in the Cubs’ seven-run first inning against the Pirates, including a single in his first at-bat. The Cubs had planned on giving Bradley Wednesday off, and because of the large lead, decided to pull him early.

— Carrie Muskat

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So much for the “healthy”, athletic, offensive player that Bradley was billed to be by Hendry, he must have thought us Cubs fans were a bunch of suckers, willing to accept his slight of hand in obtaining Bradley. I think we are all on to Hendry’s deficiances it’s just that US FANS can’t do anything about it. And I don’t want to hear about a ridiculous plan for “boycotting” the team, staying away from the park etc. IT’S NOT UP TO US FANS TO INITIATE EMPLOYEE TURNOVER. Fans deserve to go enjoy their team play ball, I’m talking about something much more simple, direct and practical…the Ricketts need to cast off Hendry and let somebody else clean up his mess. Underacheiving employees get let go every day whether a contracted or a “free will” employee. Hendry has been underacheiving for too long, and it started BEFORE he was GM, and now most of his acquired players are underacheiving. Too much complacency, not enough responsability. Cut ties, and do it now.

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