9/8 "We Believe" distribution delayed

Hold the popcorn. Promoters of the theatrical documentary on the Cubs, titled “We Believe,” now say the movie will not be shown until spring 2010. The movie was to be shown in Chicago on Sept. 20, and then the DVD made available but those plans have been delayed. “We Believe” was filmed during the 2008 season and features interviews with several Cubs players, manager Lou Piniella and celebrities, such as Hugh Hefner and Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins.

— Carrie Muskat

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This whole situation is just wrong, and I think we all deserve to know what’s really going on. For nearly a year, the “We Believe” website (and it’s associated links) have worked very well if you’re providing a credit card number for purchasing theatrical movie credits, purchasing DVD credits, buying merchandise, or pre-ordering the DVD. (Most of which, I might add, were advertised as being for a movie that was going to have a nationwide release in early 2009, and then a DVD release this month.) However, since all of the promised dates have come and gone — without delivering on most of the things that they’ve collected money for — you now can’t get the slightest response back from the “We Believe” website. This looks bad for everyone involved, from the Cubs to the various charities that had their names attached to this project, and someone really needs to at least stand up and explain the situation.

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