9/9 Lineup

Milton Bradley, as expected, was given Wednesday off, and Micah Hoffpauir was starting in right field for the Cubs’ series finale against the Pirates. Here’s the lineup:

CF Fukudome

SS Theriot

1B Lee

RF Hoffpauir

3B Baker

2B Fontenot

LF Scales

C Hill

P Zambrano

— Carrie Muskat


Allright, this line up may just be good enough…to beat the pirates. I mean really, what’s it say about Hendry’s watch over this team when journeyman Scales starts in left over home grown players like Fuld or Fox? It means that the manager is scrambling. No offense to Scales, in fact he would have been the most logical choice to ATTEMPT a replacement for DeRosa but Hendry couldn’t even figure that out and he signed Miles. There, I said it…Miles. At least the guy (Hoffpauir) that would have given us better production for a lot less money if allowed to play steadily in right field is back up from the minors which for some reason he was banished. Oh yeah, the reason being Hendry must have thrown darts and it landed on Hoffpauir’s name because it certainly doesn’t appear that he puts and THOUGHT in his moves. And whoever says Hoffpauir doesn’t have great defense in right…I agree, but neither does Bradley in right or Soriano in left and Fukodome in center is no Bradey Sizemore so it should have been Hoffpauir’s spot once Abreu and Ibanez were ruled out. Hendry really painted himself into a corner, especially with his outfielders.

Lou said this week he didn’t want to use Fox in the outfield in big ballparks like the Mets’ new digs or PNC Park, but preferred a Scales/Fuld combo. Expect to see Fox in LF at Wrigley this homestand

Allright, allright, we’ll cut Lou some slack on that one since Fox is not fleet of foot, but still, this year certainly exposed the Hendry system for what it is, not to mention exposed Hendry for what he is, an inferior GM that catches a break once in a while, definatley NOT an elite GM at all. I hate to say it but St. Louis really out did the Cubs on and OFF the field. They recognize their needs, target TALENTED ballplayers and show the “so-so” players the door before they become an albatross like Soriano, Bradley and to some extent Fukodome. For the love of God the only way to salvage Fukodome’s final year is to put him back in right field where he EXCELS defensively and put a TRUE center fielder…IN CENTER FIELD. What is this? Rocket science?
Ronnie Woo Woo even knows that much. C’mon!!

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