9/10 Peoria playoff update

The Peoria Chiefs lost 6-4 in 10 innings to Cedar Rapids in Game 1 of the best of three Western Division semifinals on Wednesday. Game 2 will be played Thursday at 6:35 p.m. CT in Cedar Rapids.

The Chiefs did rally to score two runs with one out in the bottom of the ninth on Jovan Rosa’s homer to tie the game at 4. Junior Lake had three hits, including two doubles.

— Carrie Muskat 


Can anyone explain to me why Aaron Miles hasn’t been flat out released? I know he’s on the roster for $2.7 million next season, but with Blanco playing some pretty good ball and being 25 vs. 33 years old, what’s the point of keeping him here and taking ABs away from someone that has a chance to stick around for a long time especially since Fontenot totally blew his HUGE opportunity to be the 2B of the future? I just don’t get it.

joeydafish, but if you’re Lou Piniella and you want to keep your job (actually, I’m not sure he does at this point), and you know the new owner may not bring back Hendry, why hurt your chances to return because of someone else glaring mistake?

I see you’re on here a lot. I have a blog too that focused on the Cubs until I gave up on them in general. I did a Not Top 10 of the Cubs and Hendry was #1 so, no, I don’t need further explanation of how bad a job he did this off-season. If you want, check it out at http://chicagorealsports.blogspot.com/ and let me know your thoughts.

21daman, I’ll be happy to explain:
Jim Hendry. If that’s not explaination enough, let me know and I’ll go into the infuriating details of how bad a job Hendry did this past offseason, Miles being only ONE of MANY problems.

Is it reasonable to assume that Jeff Stevens, one of three pitchers acquired in the terrible trade for DeRosa is the “most ready” for the big leagues since he is the only one of the three to ACTUALLY APPEAR IN A MAJOR LEAGUE CUB UNIFORM? And if so, what does his over 7.00 era tell us? Wait, he just gave up a 3 run bomb so make that an over 9 era??? How can anybody justify allowing Hendry to CONTINUE BEING THE GM??!!???!!! Why would any of us fans anticipate ANY minor league outfileder breaking in with the team next year as a regular while Hendry’s three stooges are fixtures for years to come?? What’s it gonna take for Hendry’s release? Are they waiting for him to sign Ricky Henderson to a 6 year deal to bat lead-off??? Whoever extended Hendry’s contract is just as guilty of handcuffing this team as Hendry is for signing Soriano to an 8 year deal, Bradley to a 3 year deal and Miles to a two year deal. The “Handcuffing” of this team has NOTHING to do with the “new ownership” regardless of what some columnists write in the paper….makes me sick when they use that as an excuse or reason for Hendry’s failed tenure.

to 21daman,
They couldn’t release Miles because he was smart enough to stay on the DL for most of the season. They were fooled by his claims that he could play all 8 positions, and then found out in Spring Training that he couldn’t play third. That left poor Mike Fontenot to lose his promised 2nd base job, to move over to third, where he had never played before at the MLB level. He was expected not only to duplicate Ramirez, who is a star, but to make up for the lesser production of Miles at second, while learning a new position. He did learn the new position, but the adjustment caused him to lose his timing at the plate. He played as many games at third as at 2nd. Other converted third basemen fared much worse on defense. His timing will return, but he is not a utility player, and should play only one position, just like Theriot, Ramirez, Lee, Soto. and Zambrano, as well as most of the outfielders. So he didn’t blow his chance – he was deprived of a chance to show he would do as an everyday player at his position. As for Miles, he probably will be released .

Can anyone explain why they haven’s used Fox lately and his powerful bat. Seems that he would be able to help out the team in a last effort to the playoffs?!

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