9/16 Taguchi called up

The Cubs called up So Taguchi from Triple-A Iowa, and he will be in uniform for Wednesday’s game against the Brewers. Taguchi batted .248 for Iowa with four homers and 24 RBIs. The Cubs felt they needed an extra outfielder after Sam Fuld strained his right thumb. Fuld will be sidelined at least a week.

Taguchi, 40, played for the Phillies last season, appearing in 88 games and batting .220.

— Carrie Muskat


You mean to tell us Cubs fans that there is NO minor league center fielder that the big league club can call up and take advantage of an opportunity? This is sad, it must be a financial thing or a service time thing??? Don’t we all already know what Taguchi can do? Or better yet HAS DONE since he is closer to retirement than an everyday role? Another sad indcictoment of Hendry watch.

Oh… I get it NOW,duh.
We now have the awesome Hendry built outfield of:
So Old in left field, So Taguchi in centerfield and So What
in right field. Only Abbott and Costello could come up with
a better outfield!!

Joeydafish, to call up a Minor League player now would affect his eligibility status down the road, so the reason no kid was added is strictly procedural, not performance related. So there.


Yeah, I get it Carrie, just had to keep piling on Hendry at every opportunity. I knew it had something to do with eligibility. Can’t blame a guy for venting, espeicially after reading in yesterday’s paper that Hendry “was assured” of returning in 2010…ruined my lunch! Even if it messes with “eligability” if a player is talented enough to be considered for a an “audition” you have to bring him up and see what he has. My point is regardless of eligibility status the Cubs organization seems to have nobody busting down the door, for cryin’ out loud, Scales?? Taguchi?? What’s going on down on the farm??? I agree with cubbeeblue, so what with all the “the down the road stuff”, IF we have the talent, bring it up and get it some experience. Down the road=another 100 years of futility.

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