9/17 Getting Lou's goat

Lou Piniella skipped the postgame media session after Thursday’s 7-4 loss to the Brewers but did speak to a few reporters in his office later.

“I take these losses hard,” Piniella said. “I don’t enjoy losing, I really don’t.”

The Cubs split the Brewers series, but the starters have failed to go past the fifth in the last three games, and they’re running out of outfielders. Milton Bradley was the latest; he was pulled in the sixth because of a sore left knee. There was some confusion about Bradley’s exit because he singled, then walked off the field. What nobody outside of the Cubs dugout knew was that Bradley had told Piniella and athletic trainer Mark O’Neal that his knee was bothering him, so they decided if he got on, he’d be lifted.

Bradley was testy about his knee post-game. Piniella said the outfielder was perfectly correct to come out of the game. OK, but why didn’t the Cubs manager say that earlier?

“Sitting in my office here, and just having a bottle of cold water, it helps me relax a little bit and you all can’t get my goat as easy, you know? Which is true,” Piniella said.

It’s been a challenging season.

“Every day, somebody else is hurt on something different,” Piniella said. “It gets frustrating, it really does. It seems like every day there’s something else that goes wrong here. Remember, this is a Major League season of 162 games and you’ve got to have people who are capable of going 162 games.”

Piniella had talked to the players last week in Pittsburgh about finishing strong. They need to be healthy, too.

“You just can’t continue to get a pitcher hurt or a player hurt every day and function like you want to function,” Piniella said. “Let’s be realistic — it gets frustrating. Let me turn an ankle or something.”

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

Remember, this is a Major League season of 162 games and you’ve got to have people who are capable of going 162 games.” THAT statement coming from our manager directed to reporters, I suppose. Sounds like an indirect statement to Hendry. AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN…who knew about Bradley’s physical and mental health being suspect?
EVERYBODY….and Hendry still signed him for 3 years.
And Harden? Let me say picking up Harden for the fringe players he traded was one of Hendry’s RARE good deals, it certainly was worth the risk for a PITCHER but the Bradley signing was just as ludicrous as the Soriano EIGHT YEAR sigining. Since Hendry is assured of coming back he needs to redeem his wretched 2009 season by unloading the following players: Soriano, Bradley, Miles, Heillman, Fukodome (yes, Fukodome!! I’m sick of his cork screw swing and “waiting” for him to be the slick player he was billed to be), Zambrano, Gregg (I think he’s gone via free agency anyway….). PLUS on top of the unloading he then has to bring in or promote quality, aggressive, hustiling, TALENTED players. I know this is near impossible but it’s HENDRY giving out the multi year deals and no trade contracts that made it so. Now it’s time for HIM to correct it all or step out of the way and let somebody else at least try.
That is the only way he can get back in the good graces of us Cubs fans. BRADLEY??? THREE YEARS??? RIGHT FIELD???

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