9/21 Bradley can be good if he wants

Riding on the shuttle to the St. Louis airport early Monday, I met a long time baseball scout who told me a story about Milton Bradley. It was 1999, and Bradley was playing for Double-A Harrisburg. He was not starting because of disciplinary reasons, and was in street clothes in the clubhouse when called upon in the ninth inning to pinch-hit. Bradley got dressed, and hit a game-winning grand slam.

“He can do that if he wants to,” the scout said.

Bradley can still be good. He began this season a career .280 hitter, and his .321 average last year with Texas wasn’t a fluke. He was in a good environment — no pressure, no hassles — with a patient manager in Ron Washington. Josh Lewin, now a broadcaster for the Rangers, says the clubhouse in Arlington, Texas, was so big, Bradley could go unnoticed, which is probably the way he prefers.

The Cubs are not a good fit. GM Jim Hendry will try to move the outfielder this offseason, and an American League team in need of a switch-hitting designated hitter may want to consider him. Or a National League team with a big clubhouse. Cubs players tried to make him feel comfortable. Reed Johnson, Ryan Theriot, Derrek Lee all reached out to Bradley.

But listening to the players talk Sunday about Bradley after he was suspended for the season, it is clear he needs to move on.

— Carrie Muskat


I think my math is correct when I see that Milton Bradley’s salary for 2009 exceeded $9 million. With 101 hits this year, that’s $89,000 per hit. A little pricey don’t you think?
I think we should get someone in there with more hits, less salary and that can keep their mouth shut!

It’s a shame this guy can’t seem to “fit in” no matter where he goes becuase he clearly has the talent. Mysterious Milton.

Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

i was all for the cubs gtting rid of hendry for his bonehead off season moves but he saved his job in this cubs fan opion bye suspending bradley
hey bradley why dont u go play for japan because after what youve said about us cubs fan thats unexceptable i hope in the off season the cubs buyout is contarct for 12 million for the next 2 years and they whipe there hands with him BRADLEY IS A HUGE CANCER AND HE IS THE PROBLEM IN THE CLUBHOUSE THIS SIGNING THO IS WORSE THAN DANNY JACKSON YES DANNY JACKOSN DIDDNT THINK IT COULD GET WORSE THAN THAT BUT IT DID MEASAGE 2 NEW OWNERS DUMP BRADLEY

It’s gonna take a heck of a lot more than Hendry sending Bradley home with a suspension with only 15 games remaining to the season, that doesn’t seem like a gutsy move. 15 games left, we’re out of contention, big deal. He should have done this when Bradley showed up Pinella. And all this because Hendry was naive enough to sign Bradley in the first place. Hendry is going to have to find an American league team to take on some of Soriano’s salary just to begin trying to save his job in my opinion. But all this is a moot point as Hendry evidently DOESN’T have to save his job, his job has already been extended. Bradley is just the tip of the Hendry iceberg, there’s plenty of baggage, bad money, no trade clauses, defensivley challenged players under the waterline.

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