9/21 Lineup, Colvin & Samardzija

Tyler Colvin joined the Cubs in Milwaukee Monday and will make his Major League debut in center field, batting seventh. Colvin got the call from his manager, Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, when he was eating at a Cracker Barrel, headed home for the offseason.

* Reed Johnson was activated from the disabled list as well and Sam Fuld was given the go-ahead to hit. Fuld was bothered by a sore wrist. Now, the Cubs have plenty of outfielders.

* Also, Jeff Samardzija will make his second ML start Wednesday, subbing for Ted Lilly, who has tendinitis in his left shoulder. Lilly was expected to pitch this weekend in San Francisco as was Rich Harden, who was being skipped Monday.

* Here’s Monday’s lineup:

SS Theriot

RF Fukudome

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

LF Hoffpauir

2B Baker

CF Colvin

C Hill

P Gorzelanny

— Carrie Muskat


Injuries. Bad offensive seasons. We hear it all the time. Now Joe Morgan mentioned, almost in passing, that the Cubs don’t run well and make many mistakes baserunning. The real reasons we struggle have to do with such. Unfortunately Joe didn’t follow up with why a whole team has such problems. If one player isn’t a good baserunner, you work with him. If an entire team has such problems, don’t management and coaches absorb responsibility? When are we going to change?!

How is that all fox does is hit and plays well above average defensively and lou keeps running out scales and hoffpauir and the 230 averages that go with them. i guess 230 is better 286 in lous mind which also helps me understand why he ran soriano and bradley out there consistently with the 240 averages. Forget fox who hits and hits and still makes the routine plays and then some! Thanks lou! maybe hendry will suspend you next for your idiocracy!

You truly are a moron and deserved to be fired. What does Fox have to do to get a start? Oh, sorry, I forgot, he won the ball game for you last night. Best of luck with the Nationals next year or better yet West Tenn.

So what does Fox need to do to get a start. Win a game? Oh , I forgot he did that last night. Milton may be right, there is a reason that this club has not won squat in over 100 years.

This looks like next year’s lineup. Soto at catcher if he can regain rookie form.

I wouldn’t go as far as thinking Lou is a Moron, actually I think he’s done pretty good, keeping this team at or above .500 all year considering the MORONIC decisions Henrdry made regarding the “reworking” of the roster.
Hendry’s bad decisions go way beyond Bradley. I do agree completley with Fox over Scales…what’s with that??? We all know Fox isn’t a gold glove outfielder but since when was Scales who played almost EVERY minor league game as an infeilder??? Or for that matter Soriano?? Or Bradley?? Hendry hasn’t come CLOSE to acquriing the defensive outfielders that are needed in the NL. The one exception may be Fukodome but he was screwed up when Hendry forced his move to center in order to accommodate the signing of Bradley. Fukodome is adequate in center and hustles all the time but is no stand out center fielder. What a horrendous domino effect Hendry put in motion with his three failed outfield free agents. If it’s as simple as three strikes and you’re out Hendry’s legitamate three strikes without arguement are Bradley, Miles & Gregg. Those ALONE should cost him his job. And if that’s not enough here’s another strike out performance: DeRosa, Soriano (8 year contract) and Marquis. “Hi Jim, I’m Tom Ricketts…there’s the door.”

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