9/22 Bradley update

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry says he expects to resolve all issues regarding Milton Bradley’s suspension in the next few days. Hendry suspended Bradley on Sunday for the remainder of the season, and the Major League Baseball Players Union said it was considering filing a grievance on Bradley’s behalf. The outfielder was expected to be paid for the final 15 games that he will miss.

“We don’t anticipate any problems,” Hendry said Tuesday. “We’ll have it all worked out in the next few days.”

Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly, who is the team’s player rep, said he didn’t expect to be contacted by the players union.

“They wouldn’t come to me and ask me questions on something like this,” Lilly said. “I don’t think it’s anything I would have any say in, nor do I know what goes into circumstances like this. I don’t know the process or the rules. Fortunately, I’ve never been through it.”

Lilly has other things on his mind.

“I’m trying to work on a backdoor slider right now,” Lilly said.

— Carrie Muskat



I read a blog on MLB.com which paraphrased Steve Stone on “The Score” outlining an opt-out clause for the Cubs in Milton Bradley’s contract. In not so many words, if Milton Bradley were to finish the 2009 season on the DL, the Cubs could void the remainder of his contract. Is there any truth to this? Your thoughts. Remember, Bradley pulled himself out of last Thursday’s game due to what he said was a reaggravation of a previous knee injury. If this is true, the Cubs missed out on a golden opportunity to dump this rediculous contract.

Here’s the deal: Bradley’s contract includes a clause that states if he is on the disabled list at the end of the 2009 season with a specific injury and not on the active roster by April 15, 2010, then the third year of the contract becomes a $12 million club option with a $2 million buyout.

You gotta hand it to Bradley and his agent, finding a sucker…er I mean taker in Hendry. Hmmm, I wonder if Todd Hundley is interested in coming out of retirement? You know, while the gettin’ is good.

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