9/23 Bradley issues apology

Milton Bradley issued an apology in a statement released Wednesday, saying he wished he had handled certain things differently.

“I chose Chicago as a free agent,” Bradley said in the statement, “because I wanted to be part of finally bringing a championship to Cubs fans. I expected to have a great season and I am deeply disappointed by my performance and the team’s struggles. I played every game with everything that I had and wanted to desperately win.

“My frustration and disappointment boiled over and I said and did certain things that I regret,” he said. “In hindsight, I wish that I had handled certain things differently and I apologize for those things that did not work out for the better.

“The air has been cleared,” he said, “and we all want to move on and look forward to better days.”

On Sunday, Cubs GM Jim Hendry sent Bradley home and the outfielder will miss the final 15 games. Bradley, who signed a three-year $30 million deal this offseason, will be paid for the final two weeks. Hendry has talked to Bradley’s agent, Seth Levinson, but has not talked to the outfielder.

“I never anticipated any problems,” Hendry said Wednesday. “We’ll finish out the season and figure out where we’re going after that.”

What happens next?

“We’ll worry about next season when this season is over,” Hendry said.

The players’ union was not expected to file a grievance.

Bradley was suspended following comments he made in which he said the Cubs were not a positive environment and criticized the organization, the fans and the media. He also got into a shouting match with hitting coach Von Joshua on Saturday in St. Louis. But the suspension was not because of those two incidents, but a series of things in Bradley’s first year with the Cubs.

Said manager Lou Piniella: “I’m happy to see he issued the statement and apologized. We’ll put that behind us and just go forward.”

— Carrie Muskat



He is a cry baby,immature, liitle brat that has to go get his Mom to stick up for him. Grow up Bradley! I think all players in the majors have been waiting for you to. What a waste of talent!

What a bunch of crap. If he was sincere, (and looking at his track record, he is not sincere). He wouldn’t had said what he said in the first place. We have some young outfielders that are so much better than him….. I am sure that the Cubs will unload him, eat the major portion of his salary, and hopefully, they learned a lesson…..

I think that Bradley is a good player and for whatever reason had a rough season. As a fan, I’m willing to put this behind and move on. I know what I say and do in frustrating times! The bottom line is the Cubs need to and I believe want to win. If he can turn it around and have a good off season and commit to playing to win next season, I have no problem with Bradley being a part of the Cubs in 2010.

Honestly, of all the Cubs, I’ve lost my patience with Kevin Gregg! How many games and runs does this guy have to give up??? He started losing the Cubs games right at a pivitol moment and I credit him (not in whole) to starting a bad downhill spiral for the Cubs this season.

Speaking of bitter … Have any of you Cubs fans ever heard of a guy named Fred Merkle? Now that’s a reason to be bitter. The Cubs fans and media have it all wrong. It’s not a Billy goat curse or whatever is popular at the time. The fact that the Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908 is because of “The Fred Merkle Curse.” One may say, well, Fred helped the Cubs reach the 1918 World Series, playing 1st base and leading the team in RBI’S. But, it’s what happens in 1908 that caused the curse to be born. I am not going to tell the entire story, there’s not enough space here. But, if you are truly a Cubs fan and want to know, you can look it up. For those of you that don’t know, I’ll give you a hint, the Cubs were lucky to win the World Series in 1908 and it was because of a New York Giants’ rookie named Fred Merkle, who didn’t touch 2nd base in a game about 10 days before the season was scheduled to end……

The day Bradley signed was the day I lost faith that we could pull off a playoff berth this year. The cost was DeRO, Wood and what a great player Miles was. Milton needs to get help with his head and stop pointing the finger at the fans. I tried to support him as a Cub, but the anger he raidates is overwelming. He can’t be very happy very often and he brought it to the ball park every day. I doubt that he knows how to let it go and leave it behind him. The Cubs are rolling without him too bad he didn’t open his big mouth sooner. We might have still had a chance. It isn’t for me to decide but I won’t cry if he is NOT in Chicago next year.

Milton apologized. I guess that I will too. I’m sorry that you signed with Cubs and that we had to tolerate your all-around horrible play in the field and at the plate this season. Why not take a trade to the Cardinals since you’ll be booed at as if you’re wearing their jersey if you step foot on to Wrigley Field next season.

The Bradley situation is really sad. Here’s a guy living the American dream – a major league ball player with millions of dollars. Yet I can’t help wonder if he wouldn’t give it all up for one thing – being able to walk through life comfortable with who he is, without constantly feeling inferior, without always feeling he has to prove himself TO OTHERS.

Unfortunately, being a major league ball player may well be the worst thing for him. Nothing like some obnoxious, self-proclaimed baseball expert hurling drunken insults to help him spiral downward. Yet, for all the criticism, I doubt anyone can make Bradley feel worse about his failures than what he feels inside all by himself.

I love the Cubs. Nobody wants them to win more than I. Yet, baseball is a game. What Bradley is going through is real life. I hope and pray that Bradley will seek the long term help necessary for him to learn to be happy with who he is. It can happen. I once kidded my therapist that she hadn’t fixed anything, just made me happy with all my short-comings! And God Bless her for just that!

“I never anticipated any problems,” Hendry said Wednesday. WOW, not even a little? That is either stupidity, wishful thinking or an outright lie. But I understand, you don’t want to publicly slam Bradley and make his trade value even lower than it already is, which is very little. Let’s hope you have a much better offseason this year Jim. You’re due for something to work out. And Bradley…. better luck next year in the American League.

just to be clear, delusionalcubsfan, Hendry wasn’t talking about Bradley and the season, just the matter of the suspension.

Ditto on what bleacherfan09 has commented. When the deals of this past offseason went down I had the sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach when I first learned of them. I tried to be optimistic and hope my initial thoughts were uncalled for on the logic that most of what Hendry has tried has worked out and the fact the Bradley and Miles were coming off of great years in ’08. I could only hope they perform close to that in ’09. All I can say is disaster on all counts. At least Miles has his head in the right place no matter how is onfield permformance went. Hopefully they can salvage something, especially with Bradley although I can’t see him back next year if the club can help it. Maybe when the sale of the ballclub goes to bankruptcy court they can have those contracts voided and nullified and give Hendry a fresh start this off season.

Still waiting for Hendry’s formal apolgy to us Cubs fans, which would look much better if it was attached to his resignation.

i think we should make a trade with the cards….give them cry baby bradley and they give us dero back…we never should have got rid of him to begin with!!!! cubs are always going to be my favorite team but dero will always be my favorite player!!!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Milton. He never lost his ability to be a good hitter. Maybe he was a little weak on defense at times, but overall Milt didn’t make that many defense errors.

Here is what I really think happened, the other MLB NL teams had their pitchers watch video after video on how Milt swings his bat and those pitchers learned from watching the videos what not to pitch to him. After all what MLB team is not going to worry about a guy’s hitting ability when an three time “All Star Player” like Milton Bradley is going to get paid ten million dollars a year to hopefully repeat hitting for a 320 plus average and hopefully help the Cubs go to and win their first WS Championship in almost a thousand years.:>)

I feel sad that you failed yourself and the Cubs. Don’t take losing a game so personal. Better fame and luck to you in the future.

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