9/24 Harden done for season

Rich Harden and the Cubs have decided to shutdown the right-hander for the remainder of the year. He finishes 9-9 with a 4.09 ERA in 26 starts.

“It was a mutual decision,” said Harden, who talked to Cubs GM Jim Hendry Thursday. “I’m still healthy, I feel good and I take that as a positive for the season.”

There’s nothing wrong, except a little fatigue because Harden has thrown a lot of pitches over a few innings. The move is precautionary, and he said if the Cubs were still in the race, Harden would pitch.

“I don’t feel like I have anything to prove right now,” he said.

He will be a free agent after this season.

“We’ll see what happens,” Harden said. “I really enjoyed my time pitching in Chicago. It’s a good city, good fans, good team. It would be nice to come back and make a run for it.”

— Carrie Muskat



Sorry Richie, but you’re just going to be too expensive. $10-$12 mil I’m guessing. And with the already bloated contracts this team has on aging players, well, sorry pal, but we need that cash elsewhere.

We’ll eat a darn good portion of Crazy Uncle Milton’s remaining $21 million, if not all. Hendry has said he would like to trade contracts for ‘equal value’. Not sure what Kool Aid Jimbo has been drinking…but give me some, as I’m looking for any kind positive perspective from this completely botched season.

Fonzarelli… not sure what the heck we’re going to do with that heap. Perhaps Foxy or HasselHoffpaur could spell Fonz and limit his games played to 100. Might as well try and protect whatever assests Fonzie has left to contribute. Because NO gm in their right, or left mind for that matter, would ever entertain any trade offer for that lax, aloof, rotten left fielder who can’t catch up to the heater anymore, and won’t swallow his pride and start using a lighter bat. *sighs* Silly Fonz… Then again, stranger things have happened, and maybe Richie Ricketts will dig deep into his pockets and just send Fonz a dumptruck full of money down in the Domincan Repulic in the offseason, and tell him not to bother to come back to Chicago. Hey, a suffering Cubs fan can dream can’t he?

Use Harden’s money in better areas. A bat. Heck, it doesn’t have to be a lefty either. It’d be swell and all, but heck, just any bat that can protect Rammy while he’s protecting D Lee.

Gregg… your services are officially rendered. Thank you for your efforts, and at times, lack thereof. But you have pitched your first, and only year in Chicago. We’ll take our chances with Marmol taking up yoga and pilates in the offseason, and becoming one with his mind, body, spirit and inner strike zone. Or, if that doesn’t happen as planned, we’ll chum the waters for someone who will come in, when the game is on the line, and won’t throw slow-pitch beach balls into the strike zone. Either way, we still win.

Also, could we please get a REAL shortstop? Theriot, I love you to death little feller, but you just don’t have the arm for shortstop. It’s ok. It’s really not a secret anymore. BUT, we will gladly slide you over 30 feet to second where you can lazily toss the baseball over to this year’s team mvp, D-Lee.

What an embarassment of a season. Ugh. Lot’s to do in the offseason. Time for some house cleaning. And if that means Hendry AND Lou, (two guys whom I’ve staunchly defended since they both have been in Chicago) then, I suppose I can live with that too.

Blech… this team exhausted me this year. They sucked the joy out of baseball. Not because they aren’t in the race, but because they lacked anything that closely resembled moxie, heart, spirit, or whatever you’d like to call it.

Thank goodness it is football season, but, the bleeding heart Cubs fan in me will say it anyway…but I won’t say it with any capital letters.

go cubs

Man, I hate when he does that thing where he says one thing (“As far as I’m concerned it’s just one start”) and then management or his agent gets to him and he goes all podperson-y on us (“I don’t feel I have anything to prove”) and suddenly he doesn’t have a problem with being shut down. Shades of ’07 in Oakland all over again.

BUT….if nothing else, this awful last month should do something to keep his price down in arbitration, so maybe the Cubs don’t quite have to worry about getting hammered if they offer him arbitration and he accepts.

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