9/25 Bradley blog

Padres general manager Kevin Towers tells ESPN.com that he’s in the market for an outfielder. Maybe Milton Bradley?

“I’m not saying it’s necessarily Milton,” Towers said, mindful of Major League Baseball’s tampering rules. “But our experience with him was rather a positive one. It wasn’t really a negative one.”

Towers told ESPN.com he had not talked to Cubs GM Jim Hendry about Bradley, but did say, “We have to take chances sometimes. We took a chance on Milton the first time we had him, and he actually played pretty well [before the knee injury].”

Bradley tore his right ACL when he was being restrained by Padres manager Bud Black during an argument with umpire Mike Winters.

Bradley was suspended last Sunday by Cubs GM Jim Hendry for detrimental conduct, and will miss the final 15 games of the season. The Cubs will try to move the mercurial outfielder in the offseason.

In an interview with MLB.com in May, Black was asked about Bradley.

“Those of us who were around Milton the last two months of the ’07 season, he was great,” Black said. “He was great with me, great with the guys, and contributed greatly to our success down the stretch.”

Black said Bradley “played hard and with a lot of passion. Ultimately, he cared about winning that game.” The Padres manager acknowledged that Bradley is a perfectionist.

“You find that a lot of players at this level have a high degree of perfectionist and they want to do well so badly, and MIlton is one of those guys,” Black said. “He has high expectations.

“He’s emotional, which is not a bad thing,” Black said. “You wish more guys were emotional. That’s who he is.”

— Carrie Muskat


Go ahead…Tamper. I seriously doubt they’ll dig through trash cans to investigate. At this point in his career, Bradley will probably just be glad someone might be slightly interested….allegedly.

Only problem with the Cubs looking for the “big bat” is there’s now a crowd waiting to see if they’ll get their chance to play next year. With the Cubs feet firmly in the Soriano cement, that’s gonna leave Jake Fox in the cold. How long can you keep this guy on the bench? He’ll probably get traded. You also can’t deny that Derrek Lee has had a stellar year and that leaves Micah Hoffpauir holding his bat. Two guys who have proven that they can mash will probably be dealt.

Here’s my wish list for Cubs to be gone. Heilman, Gregg, Fontenot, Soriano, Hill, Patton, Miles. You’ll notice that I didn’t include Bradley. While I’m pretty sure it’s a foregone conclusion he’ll be on a plane somewhere by December, I would rather see him drop the victimized attitude, shut the heck up and just cooperate, participate and play like he’s capable of. What kind of thrills do you suppose he’d bring to a team who’s pleasure button seems to be left off this year’s version?
Oh…what’s the use? He’ll just crap all over my parade anyway. It’s been that way where ever he’s been and nothing’s gonna change that. What a shame, having been given such a gift. To waste it all on bitterness. Better he do it somewhere else.

Chief, I don’t know what Fontenot or Hill did to get on your gone wish list. I think if Fontenot is returned to a fill in role he will be at the least a very good bench player, it’s not his fault Hendry The Great deemed him GOOD ENOUGH TO REPLACE DE ROSA (doh!). I think pretty much the same about Hill, a decent back up catcher. Not that I would cry if they were gone next year but I don’t think I would wish them to be gone. By the way, you left off Hendry.

joeydafish, have you been on vacation? missed your acerbic wit

Carrie, it’s always nice to be missed, thanks.
Actually I was trying my best to put a little distance between me and my derogatory Hendry comments.
We’ll see how long I can hold out…

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