9/29 Gregg shutdown for season

Cubs pitcher Kevin Gregg lost his argument with Lou Piniella and the medical staff, and will be shutdown for the rest of the season because of a crack in his rib cartilage. Gregg appeared in 72 games in his first season with the Cubs and the right-hander totaled 23 saves.

“They pay me to be ready for 162 [games],” Gregg said Tuesday. “I want to pitch, I want to go out there. Even if you’re not 100 percent, you still want to give it a chance.”

Gregg had an MRI on Monday, which revealed the crack.

“I thought I could deal with it, could pitch,” Gregg said. “They want to make sure nothing else comes out of this.”

A free agent after this season, Gregg may be looking for a new team in 2010. Piniella has already tabbed Carlos Marmol as the Cubs closer next year.

— Carrie Muskat

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Uh….5 months too late. One of the few things Pinella is more to blame for than Hendry. Although Hendry saddled Lou with Gregg, it was one of the few areas that Lou did have a better alternative in Marmol. Not at all like scrambling to find a third baseman to back up Ramirez or a second baseman to take over for DeRosa, in those postions there wasn’t much Lou could do but in the case of the closer Lou did have a choice to send Hendry a message from day one…Marmol over Gregg. It’s funny how Hendry rewards players coming over from other teams, i.e. Miles, Fukodome, Bradley, Soriano with massive amounts of money and bad contracts for PAST PERFORMANCES but when it comes to rewarding YOUR OWN PLAYER (Marmol) with a simple ROLE promotion for HIS past performance on YOUR OWN TEAM…what’s he do? He goes out and gets another player (Gregg), pays him more than Marmol and FAILS YET AGAIN. Nice way to send a message to your young talent Jim. No wonder we see an increase in “veteran” players wanting to play for the Cubs, look at the security they get with Hendry pulling the strings. Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley, Miles…pretty secure income they got from Hendry, no worries about a paycheck, even in Bradley’s case if he should never put on a Cub uniform again the paycheck keeps coming. Good thing Hendry isn’t in charge of turning the economy around. Hey, with any luck Mayor Daley may “steal” him away from the Cubs and have him run the Olympics? We can only hope.

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