9/30 Lineup – Game 1

OK, let’s play two. Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee both are out of the lineup for the first game of the Cubs’ doublheader vs. the Pirates:

SS Theriot

CF Fukudome

3B Baker

1B Hoffpauir

LF Fox

RF Scales

C Soto

2B Blanco

P Lilly

— Carrie Muskat

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In the first inning attempted double play, Milledge, the Pirates baserunner, was forced out at second base by nearly 15 feet. It wasn’t even close and the Milledge had not begun to slide into second. Once out he did not slide into the bag but threw his feet and legs out toward centerfield in front of Theriot tripping and knocking him off his feet. Milledge’s body wound up on the outfield side of second base, with his feet pointed toward centerfield, head toward second base, and almost out of arm’s reach of the bag, clearly out of the base path. Don’t the rules prohibit a runner who is called out from then blatantly interfering with the defensive player? This play was not only poor sportsmanship but could have caused a serious injury. It also cost the Cubs the ball game.

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