10/1 Ryno on managing

Ryne Sandberg talked about possibly managing in the big leagues and managing the Cubs on Thursday on the MLB Home Plate channel on SIRIUS XM Radio. Sandberg just finished his third season in the Minor Leagues, leading the Double-A Tennessee Smokies to the Southern League championship. Here’s a transcript:

Host BILL RIPKEN: “This is your third year managing [in the Minors]. It’s very rare to see a Hall of Famer want to jump back on the buses in the Minor Leagues and manage. This only tells me that you want to be managing back in the big leagues where you played so many years with Chicago. At this time of year, do you look at some of the clubs that are going through some transition with the managers and actually think, ‘Hmm, that’s pretty good. I might have to get this resume out pretty quick.'”

SANDBERG: “Ultimately I’d like to do this with the Chicago Cubs, and once this season’s over, I’d like to meet with the management and kind of see where I’m headed or their feelings on that. Once I get that feel, I can make some adjustments if I have to. But, yeah, you’re right, getting on the buses and going through the Minor Leagues again is all about getting back to the Major Leagues. I think that’s the proper way to go. I think it’s been very beneficial to me as far as seeing if I like it, No. 1, and seeing if I’m any good at it and learn some things along the way. So, it’s been a great three years.

“I feel after this Double-A season with managing National League rules along with having some games DH, I think I’ve experienced a lot. And now, I’m just kind of waiting for that opportunity wherever that would come from. Like I told the guys all year on my team, ‘We’re Double-A, we’re in the Minor Leagues, the No. 1 goal is to be a Major Leaguer somewhere.  And there’s 30 teams out there. And actually, guys, I’m right there in the same boat with you.’  We want to get to the Major Leagues, No. 1. No. 2, we want to do it with the Chicago Cubs.”

Host SETH EVERETT: “There is all kinds of speculation about Lou Piniella. You said you want to talk to management. I would imagine they have to make their decisions probably before they talk to you so that they can have some answers for you.”

SANDBERG: “Well, Lou’s under contract for next year and he’s taken this team to the playoffs the past two years and he has one more year left. I anticipate him coming back for that last year. I just want to be a candidate for that job after Lou is finished, whenever he’s finished. So, whatever that means for the organization, whatever they’d like to see me do, whether it’s coach at the Major League level or continue in the Minor Leagues, Double-A, Triple-A, whatever that is, I want to feel them out and see where I fit in as far as that goes.”

— Carrie Muskat


Hopefullly the Cubs will promote Ryno to bench coach and tell him he’s in line to manage in 2011. If not bench coach then third base coach. SOMETHING. I see more allegiance to him than to either Quade or Trammel. Right???

Yeah, I’d have to agree that there’s probably no allegiance to Quade and Trammel who are really Lou’s selections, if I recall correctly. You make a good case for bench coach since that’s pretty much an apprenticeship. I just hope we don’t hear from the Girardi supporters again. It was a nice glimmer of hope, but I don’t see the Yankees giving up on him and if I were Girardi, I’d think long and hard about coming back to Chicago, esp if Hendry’s still on the payroll.

Speaking of payroll we keep hearing about how the organization isn’t going to just dump all the salaries for people like Bradley and Hendry since contracturally (did I spell that right?) they’d have to pay them anyway. Like dafish said paying Fuld 500K vs the mega-bucks we’re paying Bradley. Here’s a thought, consider the money they’re paying to say Hendry as a down-payment on a really good prospect who can evaluate talent, but could use some (baseball) business training. You know someone like joeydafish who knows baseball, but might need some time to get the feel for working in a front office.

Who’s with me now?

Allright, allright cubbeeblue….I’M WITH YA!!! HA! Let’s see, my first day on the job I would send a notice to all players as follows: You signed a contract to play baseball, if you don’t run hard to first base or don’t hustle after a ball that gets by you….then you are not playing baseball…BREACH OF CONTRACT!!! HA. I love it. Maybe that’s one way of getting out of Hendry’s bad deals?? Then I would hire Sandberg and not just because he’s a hall of famer and Cub but because I think he’s proven just enough with his minor league success to be given a shot. Better idea to give him a multi year deal than it was to give one to Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley or Miles…. The obvious need for new personel goes way beyond the players.

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