10/4 Cubs fire Joshua from big league job

The Cubs will bring their entire coaching staff back for 2010 with the exception of hitting coach Von Joshua. GM Jim Hendry says Joshua didn’t do anything wrong, but there wasn’t significant improvement. That, Hendry said, prompted him to look for someone else.

Joshua, who was the Triple-A Iowa hitting coach, had taken over the big league job on June 14, replacing Gerald Perry, who was fired.

“There’s no blame to be handed out,” Hendry said. “We had a lot of guys who didn’t swing the bats like they’re capable of. When Von came up, we were scuffling, and we never made a lot of progress in the same areas that we were deficient in the first half.”

The Cubs finished with a team .255 batting average, 12th in the National League. They struggled this season to deliver with runners in scoring position, and scored 707 runs. Last year, the Cubs led the NL with 855 runs scored.

— Carrie Muskat


Too bad for Von. I wish the Cubs would keep him for the minor league staff instead of letting a good hitting mind like his go. I guess Jim Hendry still doesn’t get that his own terrible decisions are the ones that screwed up this team this season.

Thats something blaming Joshua for all of Piniella mistakes well you have to put the blame someplace!!!!!!

Von didn’t sign Bradley, trade DeRosa, separate Aram’s shoulder, smoke pot and get fat with Geo in Puerto Rico, wack Soriano in the knee (or sign him OR not have the balls to move him out of the lead-off spot a year and a half ago), or decide Fontenot WAS a major league starter. For that matter either did Perry.

Why does everyone blame Hendry & Lou, Did you watch the games this year? The Players, I said the PLAYERS are responsible, it started with SOTO coming in out of shape and a pot smoker, Soriano, Bradley, Fontenot, Hoffpuir, & so on & so on. They couldn’t hit them selves out of a paper bag. They thought all they had to do is show up AND they ALL were WRONG. Yeah Lou could have done some things different and yes Hendry traded the next coming of our lord “DeRosa” (man He is so over rated) OKAY maybe they messed up the Carma of the team but the players still need to work hard and come to play. And your blind if you think Joshua needs to stay, he did not do the job. Lou & Hendry have put a winning product on the field 3 years in a row & they will win next year. And remember the ownership thing did not help, changes will be made & it won’t be Lou & hendry they don’t hit or pitch. Cub nation has lost so many years that we have to start learning how to win and I beleive we are real close.

Oscar: So did you agree with the Perry firing? The most potent offense from a year ago to being poor this year was his fault? Aram played in 81 games this year, when he is probably 25% of your budgeted offense anyone as the hitting coach would look like an idiot.

And YES DeRosa only hit .285/21/87 last year in 149 games (22 while playing at least one out at third). Not GOD-LIKE but better than most of the folks this year.

This is sooooo Cubs, and soooo typical of Hendry’s style (or lack thereof)…..couldn’t even wait a day! Yessir, got the answer right here, fire the hitting coach (again). Like that has even one shred of anything to do with this team’s failures this season. Aren’t you all tired of being talked down to like we were 6 year olds? Hendry says, “there’s no blame being handed out” well, tell that to Von Joshua (and Gerald Perry). I’d say firing someone is pretty close to the same thing as blaming them. Well, this gives the rest of baseball something else to laugh at us for, along with the Bradley debacle (or was that the hitting coach’s fault too?). tampadiehard

Oscar: How do you not blame Lou? He clearly has withdrawn from the team this year. Plus, 3 times this year he let a relief pitcher bat, only to take him out before the next inning anyway. A junior high coach would not make this mistake!

I agree with you that the players need to be blamed, because they do. But clearly Hendry screwed up BIG TIME and Lou has quit caring.

And how can you say that DeRosa is so overrated??? This doesn’t even make sense! He was clearly a big factor for us last year. I am not saying this is why we did so bad this year, but we gave him up for nothing! Do you even follow the team?

And how you can absolve Hendry for getting rid of DeRosa and Wood and bringing in Gregg and Miles is beyond me. Please go get some knowledge of baseball before you post again. Hendry clearly made more than 1 bad move this offseason, yet yet absolve him of any wrongdoing. Glad you are not in charge of the Cubs.

Hendry did the right thing; go down the roster and make some decisions to get the job done in 2010. Put a winning team on the field. No one is afraid of playing the Cubs anymore, now they are just barely an average team. I wish that the Cubs could have signed Brian Roberts instead of Bradley, hey with all of the injuries that may not have made a difference. 2009 is over…gotta move on. Go Cubs 2010!

Oscar, evidently not everyone blames Hendry and or Lou, l
believe you’re in the minority with Soriano, Miles, Bradley and Gregg. Are you smokining (eating) the same thing(s) Soto was (is)??
Lopez, what are you saying? Hendry DID do the right thing by turning the Cubs into an average team? What makes sense in your comment?
By the way, I did read that Hendry did offer Joshua his old postion…what a guy! Not good enough for our big leaugers but go back down on the farm and get our minor leaguers ready for the BIG LEAGUES. Hendry doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. I wish he was going to San Diego to replace the recently fired Kevin Towers, what a coincidence huh? Towers was fired not too long after JUST HINTING that he would consider bringing back Milton Bradley. And the Cubs don’t fire Hendry for SIGNING HIM TO A 3 YEAR DEAL. Go figure.

HIRE RYNO for the job!!!

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