10/15 AFL update

Josh Vitters was 2-for-4 in the Mesa Solar Sox’s 12-5 loss to Surprise on Thursday. Andrew Cashner, the Cubs’ No. 1 Draft pick in 2008, will make his Arizona Fall League debut on Friday when he starts against Surprise in Mesa.

— Carrie Muskat

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Hey Carrie,
Remember the “good ol’ days” when clubs would put highly talented or “can’t miss” prospects in a position that was not necessarily their “natural” positon, just to get them in
the lineup? Of course what I mean by highly talented is that
the prospect is so good that he would not be a defensive liability in that postion but maybe not accel as much as in his
natural postion. Sandberg played third base because that was the obvious open spot and Dallas Green had the foresight to put him there to at least get experience AND contribute to the major league ball club. Sandberg then moved to a more suited positon of 2nd base (although I think SS was his natural position) and the rest is history.
What do you think the chances are that Hendry does the same with Vitters? Play him at second base (THE GAPING HOLE CREATED BY THE ERRONEOUS LAUNCHING OF DE ROSA) until third base opens up when Ramirez leaves or
hurts himself again. I am of course assuming since Vitters was our top draft pick he would be talented enough to handle second base while he is at least young and limber enough as well. Hendry being Hendry….I put the chances at NIL and NONE. Of course, since Vitters was picked under the Henry regime, he may be a bust ala Patterson, Patterson, Fukodome, Bradley, Gregg, Miles…well, you get my point. But let’s assume Hendry GUESSED right on Vitters, Isn’t the 2010 season the perfect time to get him
up and at second base? Especially with a “limited budget
(HA! more like a MIS-USED budget) that poor Hendry has to work with. He can stay within his own organization, foriegn as that may be to him. Yeah, I know he stayed within his own organization by promoting Soto, but that’s probably because Johnny Bench turned down the 5 year deal Hendry offered him. Boy, this is going to be a looooog, sarcastic offseason!

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