10/20 Hitting coach update

It’s been interesting to read some of the speculation regarding the Cubs and hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. On Monday, one scribe said the team had offered him $800,000 a year. Fact is, Jaramillo had yet to interview. He was waiting for a phone call Monday from GM Jim Hendry to set up a meeting. Also, Cubs Minor League roving hitting instructor Dave Keller has not talked to Hendry about the vacancy, as some have speculated. Keller and Hendry were in Arizona last week, but did not chat about the job.

There could be news this week once Hendry has a chance to meet with Jaramillo, 59, who opted to leave the Texas Rangers when that team refused to offer a multi-year deal. Another coach available is Carney Lansford, who was recently relieved of his duties by the Giants. His son, Josh, is a pitcher in the Cubs’ Minor League system.

— Carrie Muskat


Here’s hoping that Ricketts will approve another increase in payroll, that being “the highest paid GM in baseball” as long as it’s NOT Hendry. Listening to Kap on the radio I can’t help but think he is being civil and respectful of Hendry which is very commendable considering Kap’s position….BUT…do I sense the frustration of Hendry’s terrible moves of Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley, Miles, Gregg (sigh) bubbling to the surface in his commentary? By the way, who do you suppose the handful of other teams were that Hendry “beat out”? (Thank God for Hendry and his keen ability to work diligently at beating out other teams for the TOP FREE AGENTS available no matter if they are players, managers or now COACHES) The Hendry Cubs, The Hendry Chicago Cubs, The Himself Cubs and Just The Cubs. Way to go Hendry, now we can expect Soto to hit again, Soriano to be 5 years younger and hustle after balls, Bradley to be a saint, Fukodome to stop cork screwing himself into the ground, and Miles? He’ll even hit his weight. The 800,000 per year would have been better spent on the best “free agent GM coach” available because that’s the guy that really needs the help!

All that matters is Hendry re-signs Reed Johnson… the best outfielder for the cubs…. The game Reed went down, the Cubs were in 1st place…. after that they dumped it…. Reed made game saving catches, hit game winning HRs… he made the pitchers work hard and get to their bullpens faster….. The guy is a champion… I don’t care about stats…. Sammy Sosa was the late inning didn’t matter anymore HR hitter… so what…. hit that HR in the 1st inning loser….. But, Reed Johnson is the man.. and maybe he can hit lefties if he gets to try… ever think of that Lou Piniella ??….. Reed Johnson’s blog is full of fans who want him back… everyone in the bars agrees Reed is a great player to have on the team… If the Ricketts family want to win, they should consider keeping Reed Johnson… Or he’ll be another player like Maddux who went on to win with other teams… Retain the real talent… Soriano and Bradley are check cashers… Reed Johnson is a baseball player.. He wants to play… Write him up good Carrie… Let the owners know…. We fans do nothing but watch baseball and study the game… Free scouting feedback.. Reed Johnson batting .100 still helps the other players get hits by using up 8 pitches per AB and burn up the starting pitcher… facing the rookie call up from the minors is what the fans like to see… the most boring game I ever watched was Nolan Ryan throw a no hitter… BORING !!!!

mhi2sense, I agree for the most part with your accolades for Reed Johnson. I think he should be re-signed for what he brings to a team even if he may not be up to the physical challenge of playing in 150 or more games. I’d rather see him in the outfileld contributing to every game he is in either with his pitch counts at the plate, defensive skills, smart base running and of course his HITTING. As far as I’m concerned I’ve had enough of the flashy homerun or nothin’ you get from Soriano, his offensive “skills” (ha) don’t come close to making up for his horrible defense. You don’t worry about whether or not Johnson will make the SMART play in the outfield and KNOW how to catch a ball or go after the ones he can’t get to. Fukodome, his batting style and dissapointing stats have grown old. And the black hole Hendry created in right field, well he might as well bring back Jacque Strap Jones. Give me an outfield of Johnson in left, Fuld in center and Mr. God Knows in right over what was trotted out there last year and we’ll see DIFFERENT ways to win games every day instead of just a long ball. Hendry forgot all about being defensively strong and continues to ply his trad as if he has multiple DH spots in the lineup. Note to Hendry: I was kidding about Jones, didn’t mean to put another zany idea in your mind, you have enough. I’m tired of Hendry throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks in right field. He doesn’t seem to have much of a plan. The Whitesox (and other teams) seem to develop or trade for young players that play in the majors BY DESIGN whereas any young players Hendry “brings up” are in the line up by chance of a Hendry flop signee either getting old, inured or suspended. Where’s the plan? Hendry’s “plan” is to now bring aboard Jaramillo, making him the highest paid COACH in baseball to fix all that’s wrong with the offense. Hendry would by a VHS player/redorder over a DVD/BlueRay if it was marketed as “THE THING TO HAVE” just as Soriano, Fukodome and Bradley were marketed as. I wouldn’t trust Hendry with a household grocery budget let alone a 130 million plus payroll. C’mon Ricketts…do the right thing.

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