10/28 AFL & winter ball update

Cubs prospect Robinson Chirinos drove in four runs, scored two, and finished a triple short of the cycle in Magallanes’ 11-7 win over Aragua in Venezuela Tuesday night. Chirinos was batting .455 in 10 games. Andres Blanco added a three-run homer for the Navegantes.

In the Arizona Fall League on Tuesday, Blake Parker was the losing pitcher in Mesa’s 6-5 loss to the Peoria Saguaros. Zack Cozart doubled and scored on a sacrifice fly off Parker in the ninth for the walkoff win.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, I think you mentioned not too long ago that Jeff Baker appears to be the front runner for the second base job next year and that Andres Blanco isn’t quite ready to hit in the majors. I think Blanco has shown he can be at least a decent hitter (last season) and seems to be doing well in winter ball. I hope Hendry gives a chance to Blanco at short and Theriot at second before annointing yet another non-home grown player to take a spot. Blanco’s defense at short with Therriot at second would be a stronger defense up the middle. The outfield is where Hendry needs to find his RBI production which has eluded hime the past several years. He should be focusing on a bona fide run producing center fielder and leave Fukodome in right to get the most out of him during his third and FINAL year as a Cub.

Blanco will get a good look this spring. They really like his glove. As for finding that RBI guy, they may already be on the roster. IF Soriano and Soto had years like they should have had, and IF Ramirez isn’t injured, you’ve got the RBIs hitters in the lineup. The folks at MLBtraderumors compiled a list of free agent center fielders and none are very exciting (except Johnson):

Rick Ankiel, Rocco Baldelli, Marlon Byrd, Mike Cameron, Endy Chavez, Coco Crisp ($8 million club option), Darin Erstad, Ryan Freel, Jerry Hairston Jr., Reed Johnson, Andruw Jones, Mark Kotsay, Corey Patterson, Scott Podsednik, DeWayne Wise

Mike Cameron or Andrew Jones, one year contracts (2 max), will get us by with SOME RBI potential, similar to “The Jim Edmonds Year”, can’t count on SorryOhNo’s run production anymore now that he’s a year older, post surgery and still a free swinger, Geo? He falls into the “hope for the best” category. 2010 could either be a “throw in the towel” year or a “where did THEY come from year” but the later is based on luck and always possible, just around the corner, it’s gotta happen sooner or later…MIRACLE. Even if the Cubs win it all it certainly won’t be because Hendry assembled the finest bunch of all around baseball players HE thought he was getting, but he certainly will get the credit as usual to keep him as GM for another decade…
and you know what? For a Cubs World Series miracle appearance in 2010 I’ll put up with Hendry and all his un-deserved accolades for more than another 10 years.
Time to platoon Fuld and Johnson (can Hendry just sign this guy already???) in center and leave Fukodome in right and see what happens. If he can’t trade Bradley platoon him in rigth with Fukodome since Bradley is a much better right handed hitter than left anyway (NOTE TO HENDRY!!!), Let Lou be Lou for one more year, suck it up and tell Sandberg not to make any plans for the next 20 years as he will be managing the Cubs well beyond Hendry’s tenure (hopefully). And that is the “Joey daFish” general manager lesson for the day…Jim. Oh yeah, that Bradley for Ridh Hill comment I made earlier? Just kidding Jim, didn’nt mean to put a bug in your ear.

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