10/28 Zell bids goodbye to Cubs

The Ricketts family will be introduced on Friday at Wrigley Field as the new owners of the Cubs. They purchased the team, Wrigley Field and a 25 percent share in Comcast SportsNet Chicago from Tribune Co. and Sam Zell for $845 million.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Zell was asked whether buying the Tribune Co. was the worst business decision he had ever made.

“It’s certainly the most amount of money I’ve ever lost in a single deal,” Zell said.

As for the Cubs, Zell apparently was unaware of Tuesday’s closing date. He did say he was happy for the Ricketts family.

“I think the team should be owned by somebody who is local, somebody who is really passionate about baseball,” Zell said. “I happen to be local. I’m not passionate about baseball, so I wish them all the best of luck. And maybe we’ll break the 101-year curse.”

— Carrie Muskat


“…we’ll break the 101-year curse.”

How exactly is Sam going to contribute? Is he the replacement for Milton Bradley or something? Is he goig to be the bat boy? How about the equipment manager, ohh, I got it, the stat guy for Bob & Len.

Hopefully Zell will make Hendry an offer he can’t refuse, Hendry will abdicate his throne as “GM above the law” and the Ricketts can save face and hire a new GM??? Maybe??
Hey, nice to see I don’t have a lock on the sarcasm. I guess that’s what happens after so many failed attempts at assembling a World Series run by the SAME GM? It all gets so old, way old. The Cubs have tried several times at bringing in a field managers that either had World Series appearances or at least Division titles on their resume. I wonder why it is they don’t bring in a GM with the same experience? I guess it doesn’t matter for the GM position although I find that odd. I certainly don’t count the few times Hendry “got us” to be the cental division champs, not close enough to the big dance.

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