11/1 AFL roundup

Starlin Castro went 2-for-5 and stole a base in the Mesa Solar Sox’s 4-3 loss to Phoenix on Saturday. Josh Vitters was the DH, and had one hit in five at-bats. The Arizona Fall League takes Sunday off, and will resume on Monday. Mesa will play host to the Peoria Saguaros at HoHoKam Stadium.

— Carrie Muskat


Since, Starlin Castro is looking more and more like a major league talent and Andres Blanco has shown he can definitely play SS and 2b defensively and shows some promise his bat maybe coming around along with jeff Baker in the mix at second. Darwin Barney in AAA at SS, along with Bobby Scales if there is an injury. Does anyone think that theriot might be traded this winter since he obviously has good trade value and a lot of teams are looking for SS and second baseman.

I would prefer to see Castro start at SS with Theriot at 2B with Baker on the bench as the poor man’s (Hendry’s) answer to DeRosa for the 2010 season. KNOWING that Ramirez will need to be spelled at 3B for one reason or another. Keep Blanco on the bench to keep Theriot honest and don’t trade ANYBODY until the season plays out and we find out what we need. Then you would have a stable of tradeabl pieces, although I think wrigleyguy1980 may be overestimating Therirot’s “good trade value”. But, I’m not in Hendry’s positon, too bad as I and my dog could do a better job.

The reason I think Theriot would have good trade value is that he is a Career .288 hitter his career obs is .356 career ops of .726 has 3 season in a row with over 20 stolen bases and will only be 30 yrs. old at the start of next season. I don’t think these numbers are anything to sneeze at. I like theriot a lot. I was just thinking he probably has the best trade value of anyone on the team and we have guys who could replace him for less money, since he is going into arbitration. I certainly wouldn’t mind the cubs keeping him.

wrigleyguy, I understand your point now that you stated Theriot has the best trade value of ANYONE ON THE TEAM, that certainly is something I agree with. He is a talented ballplayer with a reasonable contract, I believe that is because Hendry didn’t acquire him as a free agent and “allowed” Theriot to be the shortstop more so by chance than design. Which is good actually because for all we know Hendry’s idea of “design” was Nefi Perez at the time Theriot was struggling to get playing time. It’s those type of “chances” that seem to be the only way our own players that have talent get to make the big leagues. Other players that are by Hendry’s design seem to flop.
I mean who is the last position player other than Theriot to break the starting line-up by design? You think Soto? I think the jury is still out on him. I’m with you though, I wouldn’t mind trading Theriot because of Castro and Blanco, I just think keeping him for one more season would keep a certain amount of stability while we break in either Castro or Blanco as a full time short stop. Either way I don’t feel confident knowing Hendry is the one that may be considering trading any of them…

Joeydafish you are probably right about keeping theriot around for stability. Blanco hasn’t had much big-league exsposure nor has Castro had any at all and we don’t know is Baker is the real deal or a one year wonder. Also if things work out we might have mid-season trade bait. we’ll see what happens.


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