11/3 Marmol to save 34 games in 2010

Milton Bradley will hit 18 homers and drive in 64 runs next season, Alfonso Soriano will belt 30 homers, and Carlos Marmol will total 34 saves. Those are the predictions in the just-released Bill James Handbook 2010.

“In any season, the vast majority of players play in a manner that seems a natural extension of what they had done before,” James says in his new book. “When that happens, our projection should be reasonably accurate.”

James says Derrek Lee will bat .291, hit 30 homers and drive in 98 for the Cubs; and Aramis Ramirez will hit .292 with 26 homers and 97 RBIs. James says Geovany Soto will hit 20 homers and drive in 79, and that Bradley will rebound and hit .276.

As for the Cubs pitchers, James projected Carlos Zambrano will go 12-8 with a 3.60 ERA and Ted Lilly will finish 11-8 with a 3.76 ERA.

James has Bradley listed with the Cubs in 2010, but the outfielder most likely will be doing that somewhere else.

* Akinori Iwamura is about to be traded, but not to the Cubs. The Rays reportedly dealt the second baseman to the Pirates on Tuesday for reliever Jesse Chavez. Some reports had the Cubs interested in Iwamura, who batted .290 for Tampa Bay.

— Carrie Muskat

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I was thinking of NOT commenting…but then I wouldn’t be me. Bradley will “REBOUND” to .276??? PUHLEEZE! If only Hendry did the homework that Bill James does or any of us fans for that matter. Looks like 2010 has mediocrity written all over it for the Cubs. Soriano is projected to “belt” 30 homers….doe Bill James have any projections on how many will be solo homers? How many strikeouts? How many singles turned into doubles because Soriano can’t field?
That’s what this team needed, another .276 hitter (probably form the right side and only .245 from the left…)
way to go out and get one Hendry.

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