11/10 AFL update

Michael Brenly had two hits in the Mesa Solar Sox’s 6-4 win over Surprise on Tuesday. Starlin Castro was 0-for-5, and his average has dipped to .387. Castro was back at shortstop on Tuesday; he started at second base on Monday, and went 1-for-4 in a 3-2 win over Scottsdale. On Wednesday, the Solar Sox play host to Surprise at HoHoKam Park.

Cubs prospect Josh Vitters, who has been sidelined with a strained pectoral muscle suffered last Wednesday, was expected to resume playing with the Solar Sox this week.

— Carrie Muskat


I am sorry… As a fan I do not know that guys are being sat for daily pains… I thought Reed was on the roster, he was available to play…Which makes me think why is this guy hurt if he isn’t playing much.. Or is it because he doesn’t play everyday why his body is locking up ??…I am an old athlete and I know; if you start sitting your body starts rusting up…I get the back aches and arthritis in the joints too… When Reed plays he is fast, agile, and a great AB for eating up pitches… I am sure you, the cubs, and the medical field know more than I do since you are on the inside… but it’s pondering… play Reed everyday and see how much rust builds up… It would have tore me up to sit a couple of days and then be expected to go out there like I was in rhythm…. You play a day and get in the flow and the next day on the bench again… No, I think Reed Johnson proved more than enough he earned a spot in CF and a chance to start against both righties and lefties as the leadoff hitter for the cubs… till he proves himself not worthy compared to Lee and other starters he has earned the job in this cub fan’s eyes…. If he wants guaranteed playing time, give him a month of guaranteed time to prove himself and if he keeps up certain numbers he plays… call him on his word… I think Reed will be just fine playing everyday medically.. It’s probably why he wants to start and play everyday… The Ricketts family and Hendry should really consider this… Reed plays hard on every play… That is rare… He carried the cubs this year when Fukudome, Bradley, and Soriano were horrible… Every Cub fan I know respects Reed Johnson and enjoys his level of play.. Reed came back healthy at the end of the season and healed quickly… If you judged all players by a short stint on the DL, everyone but Pujols would be questionable… Reed is going to better a team no matter where he goes if he plays… burning up a good 7-10 pitches in a failed AB early in the game is just as good as a hit… it gets through the starting pitcher faster… and Reed Johnson is a hard strike out… He has many qualities…. He uses the little things to get an advantage… Dude is a champion… The cubs would be very smart to keep him and give him a genuine chance in center… Unless someone in the minors is better.. Reed is right there.. I like him, I don’t know him personally… As a fan and nothing more.. I want to see him with the Cubs.. The guy earned it… a lot of Cub fans got to watch the season for a lot longer because of the guy’s efforts.. If anybody needs to go it’s the catcher who can’t catch a curveball in the 9th inning with a man on 3rd in a tie ball game… When Hill was catching, Sean Marshall could have been effective as a starter and eaten up a lot of innings so the Cub’s arms didn’t burn out in the dog days.. BUt, Reed Johnson appeared good enough to start everyday to me… there is more to baseball than numbers… hopefully the cubs.. and you… know this… I’ve seen the FA list… not impressed…Reed Johnson for CF 2010 !!

I think Hendry and the Cubs may be a little skeptical about Reed Johnson STAYING healthy. Something Hendry didn’t seem too concerned about regarding Bradley and his history of injuries, let alone melt downs and now Hendry is deservedly stuck with dumping one of his most blatant mistakes of his mediocre at best tenure. Don’t get me wrong, I would sign Johnson, start him until he CAN’T PLAY. But to be prudent if that were to happen, there has to be a back up plan for the day Johnson WILL BE HURT, whether by an aging body or his ALL OUT HUSTLE on the field. Again this is something Hendry dropped the ball on concerning Ramirez, we all knew at some point Ramirez would need to be sat down because of his need to get some rest (not saying Hendry should have or could have predicted the devasting injury…), and what does Hendry do? Trades DeRosa and justifies it by adding Bradley…geez. Well at least it gives Hendry some practice this offseason of trying to trade one of his mistakes…maybe the practice will pay off and he’ll learn how to trade Soriano and Miles. Just more stuff to be swept under the carpet with no accountablity. Soon we’ll start hearing stories about how smart Hendry is by moving Fukodome to rightfield because he is not well suited for centerfield, but no mention of how Hendry forced Lou to put Fukodome in center by signing Bradley, the one-dimensional rightfileder. Nope, no accountabiliy or apologies…just the genious work being done to “move and acquire players”.

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