11/11 GM meetings wrap up

The GM meetings ended Wednesday, and Milton Bradley is still with the Cubs. That should come as no surprise. GM Jim Hendry did not specifically address Bradley as he left the meetings at the Chicago O’Hare Hilton. According to news reports, he has spoken to a handful of teams about possible trades, and it’s unclear how many teams were asking about the outfielder.

The Cubs won’t be making a huge splash this offseason as far as free agent signings go.

“We don’t need mega-moves,” Hendry told reporters in Chicago.

He did say that the team could have a deal done in the next week or so with lefty reliever John Grabow. Hendry did not meet with Arn Tellem, who is Rich Harden’s agent, but the two have talked since the season ended. Harden has indicated he’d like to come back to Chicago, and Tellem told Chicago media it’s still early in the process.

— Carrie Muskat


I read that the cubs have expressed interest in Marlon Byrd I think that would be a great pick up at the right price for a one or two year deal no more than two years though. I think he would be a better pick up than Mike Cameron or Rick Ankiel. Rick Ankiel is injury prone and really only had one good year. Mike Cameron is pretty good player but his career batting average around .250 isn’t real impressive he does hit the long ball and is solid defensively but he is getting up there in age. He hits both righties and lefties so thats a definite plus too. I also like that rudy jaramillo was his hitting coach where he had the most success in his career.

Marlon Byrd would be a great inexpensive option, but I’d much rather have Curtis Granderson if he can come at the right price and if he’s available, of course. I’m also not convinced that Fuld isn’t ready to hit in the lead off position regularly. He showed he can do it and he has the right kind of work ethic that would allow him to hit well and get on base consistently over the long haul of a very long season. On an unrelated side note, I wish the GMs would have talked about shortening the season by 20 games, but that’ll never happen because it would take away too much revenue. But, it would make for better baseball both in the regular season and the post season.

Either Cameron or Byrd would be an upgrade from the abysmal centerfield chaos we had last year due to the forcing of Fukodome to center to accommodate Hendry’s
brilliant signing of Bradley. I only wish that wrigleyguy1980
didn’t point out Cameron’s career average and that HE’S GETTING OLD…this may reach all the way up to Hendry and knowing him he’ll sign Cameron to 5 years….so no other GM
can snatch such a highly sought after “must have” free agent. Duh.

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