11/14 AFL roundup

The Mesa Solar Sox lost 9-7 Friday to Phoenix in Arizona Fall League play. Catcher Michael Brenly was hitless in four at-bats, but is batting .294. On Thursday, Starlin Castro had two hits, a double and one RBI in Mesa’s 11-5 loss to Phoenix. Josh Vitters was back at third, and also had two RBIs. The Solar Sox play at Peoria Saturday night.

— Carrie Muskat


It’s has been reported that the cubs are looking into trading prospects for granderson I would be extremely dissapointed if vitters and/or castro are in on that trade if it happens. Granderson is good but is a platoon guy. I really hope that we don’t trade our two best prospects for a platoon centerfielder. If that is the case I’d rather sign mike cameron for a one year deal and he will be a lot more inexspensive and is not a platoon guy.

Have the Cubs put any thought into the prospect of signing Ben Sheets. I know he is coming off of flexor tendon surgery, but with a year of rehab under his belt, he may be ready to come back. I think at the very least he would be worth a look.

Granderson would be a solid pick up at the right price. Ryan Theriot, Sam Fuld, Sean Marshall, Jake Fox, (Darwin Barney or Hak ju lee) Andrew Cashner, Micah Hoffpaur, Matt Camp, Jeff Stevens, and Tyler Colvin. I’m not saying all of these players but 3 or 4 of these guys Tigers take there pick. We keep Vitters and Castro. If I were the tigers I would choose Theriot(they need to replace Placido Polanco) , Cashner(They want young pitching), Fox(they need a Dh adds depth to LF,1B,3B and C), and Fuld(Need to replace Granderson). The Tigers fill three positions fairly cheaply and get a solid pitching prospect. The Cubs get Granderson a Cf lefthanded run producer and can add Matt Camp Inf/oufielder, Brad Snyder powerhitting lefthanded fourth OF who can play all three outfield positions and can hit both righties and lefties to the 40 man roster and have blanco start at SS. Baker at 2B with Barney, Matt Camp and Snyder as backups.

That’s an awfully stupid trade, wrigleyguy. Theriot and Fox and then someone else??? I am sorry, but is this the Curtis Granderson who hit .250 this year???? There are several other players on the market that the Cubs should pursue who would cost less money/players and will produce. I am not saying that Granderson will not bounce back but if they get him, it should not be for such a high price.

They’re not trading Starlin Castro for Granderson. It’d be hard to pry Castro loose from the Cubs right now.

I for one am pretty sick and tired of the year after year attempt by Hendry to go outside the organization, picking up the “missing ingredient free agent of the year” or the “must have” piece of the puzzle trade. Hendry has done nothing but prove he his inept at such manuvers and is adverse to letting a group of home grown players rise to the majors in a deliberate, reasonable fashion letting them gel as a core group for a few years and THEN add somebody if need be. Is he afraid to show the world that HIS minor league system is not bearing fruit? I think cubsforever has it just about right, we Cubs fans have every reason to fear Hendry trading the cream of the crop for free agents that are on the wrong side of their career.

Jake Fox I like the guy but he is not going to be an everyday player (unless he fixes the hole is his swing and we don’t resign derek lee) and that would be a significant downgrade in defense and offense. Ryan Theriot another great guy not exactly an offensive juggernaut. Has slightly above average speed and is average defensively. Sam Fuld a Defensive stud slap hitter who is very injury prone great guy though. Cashner Cubs feel he can be a starter but most feel he is a bullpen guy. While I like all these guys none of them are going to take us to the world series. Theriot is the only starter and we have Castro coming up and Andres balanco is better defensively. The rest of these guys are all super subs. Also we get a solid Cf in return (yes i know who only hits righties) but this also makes room for some of our other prospects in the long run Castro, Vitters, Colvin, Brad Snyder and Matt Camp and we have a lot of talent at the lower levels too. This helps alleviate the log jam. If we don’t get rid of a couple of guys then Snyder and matt camp won’t make the 40 man roster and will get picked up in the rule 5 draft by other teams. That’s a waste for the cubs. Go to the AAA Iowa cubs site and see what these guys did last year and see what they are doing in Mexico right now. Neither is projected to be an everyday player but both will be super subs. Snyder is a lefty power hitter with speed hits Lefties and righties and plays all three OF positions well. Camp is a speedy guy too who can play multiple infield spots and the corners in the outfield he lacks the power stroke though.

wrigleyguy1980, although I like and agree with your basic take on alleviating the logjam, don’t you think it’s a moot point as long as Hendry is the GM? I serioulsy doubt he has the stones to bring up a group of our talented young guys at the same time and let them mature together in the big leagues for a few years, even 3-5 years if need be. Hendry will continually keep the logjam in place because he is of the erroneous school of thought that one or two free agents or trades PER YEAR is the way to the World Series…it hasn’t worked for him at all. Hendry is a main part of the logjam. I mean, Soriano pretty much kills any kids coming up to play left field, he’s already searching YET AGAIN for a centerfielder from outside the organization and is still moving his failed Japanese import from right to center to right to….blah, blah, blah. It would be nice to see a position player come through the ranks once a decade??
Now we may have the best crop (at least for the Cubs) ready to come up that we’ve had in decades and Hendry’s still got this thing about win now with other team’s talent, trades or cast-offs. His job is way too secure.

joeydafish agreed on hendry’s job security. I respect your opinions very much. The fact of the matter is that we are stuck with soriano, and we are stuck with fukodome. I’m all for letting fukodome ride the bench in favor of playing a younger prospect who can produce at this level but for right now we don’t have that guy, the closest outfielder is Brad Snyder and I hope he is added to the 40 man roster and given that chance. Even if they do get rid of hendry I don’t see what the next guy is gonna be able to do with these untradable contracts. So we have to hope and rely on soriano to have a bounce back year and hope that fukodome improves. Hopefully Rudy Jaramillo lives up to the hype and helps turn these guys around. From what i’ve heard rumors is that this year is Hendry’s last chance. So all we can do is wait and see. As far as Granderson goes he is owed 5.5 million next year, 8 million, and then 10 million with a club option for 2013 at 13 million with a 2million dollar buy out. So for the next two years he is owed 13 million pretty reasonable. Read this article about it. @bleacherreport.com and tell me what you think. A Case Study for the Cubs and Granderson by Robert Walsh. I think you will enjoy it. Hope to hear back from you.

wrigleyguy1980….what a predicament! If what you heard is true about Hendry’s “last chance” I can find myself torn between hoping for a losing 2010 just to get rid of him or as usual hoping for a World Series appearance. I suppose being a “die-hard” Cub fan I have no choice but to pull for the later and put up with Hendry again in 2011, but then the point would be moot, I’d be so happy with a World Series appearance let alone (gulp…) a World Series TITLE that I wouldn’t care anymore how Hendry screws up my team in the future. Either way, something good will come out of 2010!! Also, I don’t think the Cubs would be too hard pressed to find a rookie capable of putting up Fukodome type numbers at way less the cost, but Hendry doesn’t think that way so no way Fukodome rides the bench giving a Brad Snyder or Sam Fuld or Tyler Colvin a chance.

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