11/17 AFL update – Tuesday's game

Andrew Cashner didn’t exactly finish the way he would’ve liked. In his last Arizona Fall League start on Tuesday, the Cubs’ 2008 No. 1 Draft pick gave up three runs (two earned) on four hits and one walk over three innings. The Mesa Solar Sox lost, 9-2, to Surprise. Cashner finished with a 4.58 ERA.

Shortstop Starlin Castro went 2-for-4 and scored a run — he’s batting .387 — and Michael Brenly hit a double and drove in a run for Mesa. Cubs prospect James Russell struck out two in one inning, and now has a 1.26 ERA.

The Mesa Solar Sox will play Wednesday at Scottsdale and end the AFL season Thursday at HoHoKam Park against the Peoria Saguaros.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie with spots open on the 40 man roster do you think that Matt Camp and Brad Snyder might be added to it to protect them from the rule 5 draft? Also what other players do you might be added to the 40 man roster to protect from the rule 5 draft? Also I’m glad to see your comment on 11/14 AFL roundup that you don’t think Castro would be involved in a trade for Granderson. I really appreciate how you answer fans questions and get in on the comments thanks for your input.

What makes Theriot or Baker better than Castro?
What makes Soto better than Brenly?
What makes Granderson, Cameron or Byrd better than any outfielder in the Cubs system ready to break in to the big leagues? It must be the contracts that Hendry gave or may give to these “big leaguers”??? And the contracts themselves makes them better than the kids on the farm?
It must be the “experience” they bring with there overated talent and aging bodies that Hendry sees as a plus? Experienced, aging, one-dimensional players such as the aforementioned or Bradley, Soriono for that matter trumps
inexperienced, talented, young players that you drafted?
For what reason if they are being blocked by Hendry’s ill-conceived game plan of importing splashy, overpriced players via free agency or trades? Who could question any of the minor leaguers yearning to be traded so they GET A CHANCE IN THE BIG LEAGUES? I know Soto was given a rare chance (to Hendry’s credit) and I was glad to see that happen, he did not sieze the opportunity and now should feel the pressure of the “next in line” such as Brenly. Bring up Brenly and let’s see what a little competition while on the major league roster does for both him and Soto. Theriot wasn’t even in Hendry’s game plan so I’m not giving credit for his call up, he landed on the team by more of a default than a purpose. As long as Hendry does not bring in the TOP LEVEL players like St. Louis did (Holliday) or the Yankees did (Texiara) and keeps landing midling wastes of space like Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley, Miles and Gregg then why not bring up the rookies which could free up money to spend on pitching?

Ok joeydafish, I’ve been resisting the urge to respond to your blog posts, but because this last post actually had some merit and wasn’t 99% trash I thought I’d respond. It is true that every move Hendry made last season didn’t work out and that Soriano is way over paid along with Fukudome. I also agree that the Cubs have been far too fixated on getting left handed bats and have passed up on some fantastic right handed batters in the process. Having said this, LAY OFF HENDRY!!! Holy Cow man, I keep hoping you’ll say something other than how terrible you think Hendry is as a GM and how much better of a GM you would be, but time after time that’s all you talk about. The simple fact is, Hendry has been the GM for two of the best seasons the team has been able to put together in several decades. He had a terrible season last year and he’d desperately like to be able to change Soriano’s contract, but even with these apparent missteps the Cubs put together a decent season and are not far from having a good enough team to reach the long awaited World Series. As a young yet lifelong Cubs fan, that is something I haven’t been able to say in the off season until the last three years. Give the mans back a rest and hop off and we’ll talk about Cubs baseball instead of hating Hendry!

O.K….Pman, I know what you’re feeling…it is hard to resist the urge to voice an opinion about something you care so deeply about, hence my non-stop Hendry bashing. I’m sure you do not aspire for a couple of “best seasons” in decades or even a “decent” season…? I want the best for the Cubs and that includes having a GM that AT LEAST is smart enough NOT TO SIGN MILTON BRADLEY or sign ALPHONSO “THE HOP” SORIANO TO AN 8 YEAR CONTRACT. Those two moves alone were just so WRONG they’re definatley worthy of keeping the Hendry bashing alive AND WELL, not to mention the un-necessary dismantling of a team that as you stated was at least near a chance of a World Series appearance (see, I do acknowledge SOME good about Hendry, just nowhere near the level he should be). Unless you are Jim Hendry then why should a cub fan’s comments about how bad the GM is rile you so? What difference does it make who the GM is (to you) if we are all just resigned to HOPING for the best? I’ve given Jim Hendry credit plenty of times for the pick ups of Ramirez and Lee… what the hell happened to THAT Jim Hendry? Long gone i’m afraid and now we are stuck with the Jim Hendry that sways in whatever direction the trade winds are blowing or the free agent headliners are moving. I think he’s more about show than substance. Whether you’re a young, short suffering Cubs fan or an older long sufferring Cubs fan…would YOU have signed Milton Bradley?Aaron Miles?, Kevin Gregg? My point is NONE of those players are UPGRADES. Lay off Jim Hendry? HOLY COW MAN!!! Are you serious? Good luck to OUR Cubs next season Pman, we all deserve a World Series.

Note to Wrigleyguy: The Cubs do have openings. The 40-man roster is at 33. I’m told I won’t get a list until Thursday late. Camp and Snyder didn’t hurt themselves by their strong performance in Mexico. I was told by a Cubs official that they had some hard decisions to make. They’re still smarting a little after losing Donnie Veal in last year’s Rule 5.

Carrie, now that you’ve confirmed the Cubs are smarting a little after losing Veal to the rule 5 draft, can you tell us who was the player that made “the final cut” ahead of Veal?
You would think that player would show up on the 40 man roster this year? Thanks.

I don’t know who the last man standing was, but the three players added to the 40-man a year ago were Mitch Atkins, Justin Berg and Marcos Mateo.

Thanks Carrie. Hopefully one or more can help the Cubs in 2010.

Thanks for getting back to me on that Carrie. Joeydafish cubs minor league free agents are C Mark Johnson(he hit .169 at AAA last year) 1bMatt Craig(.264 .734Ops at AAA lastyear Inf/of Matt Camp (.282 .667ops 18sbAAA)2b Luis Rivas (.236AAA) Rf Doug Deeds(.257 .709 opsAAA) Lf John-Ford Griffin(.268 .757opsAAA) RF/Lf/CF Brad Snyder A lefty that hits well against righties and lefties(.278 .883 OpsAAA) Nate Spears(.253 ops.665) Rhp Vince Perkins(3.48 era 75 ip 1.64 whipAAA) Lhp Casey Fossum 4.12era 67.25 ip 1.20 whipAAA) Rhp Jose Pina High A.Bobby Scales was taken off the 40 man rosterand outrighted to the minors and will be a minor league free agent since we have blanco, baker, and are stuck with Miles. He probably won’t be back. I hope he gets picked up by another team he is a good utility guy and hustles on every play. I hope he knows that cub fans appreciate what he brought to this team last year. If he doesn’t get picked up I’d like to see the cubs resign him to a minor league contract, or offer him a job as an infield coach in the minors or as a scout or something like that. He’s a substitute teacher I understand I hope he gets a contract. But if he doesn’t I could easily see him teaching fulltime and being a highschool baseball coach and he’d be a good one at that. Cubs fans wish you the best of luck Bobby Scales wherever you are.

Bobby Scales could be back with the Cubs this spring and competing for a job. And he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in the game

I absolutley agree with both of you regarding Scales. I don’t see him having a good chance of breaking camp with this team considering the younger, more gifted kids emerging on the scene. The shame of it is Hendry somehow AGAIN locked up a roster spot with an inferior player (Miles) when he had quite a few other players (for less money to boot!) such as Scales that could have easily out-performed Miles. BUT, as is his custom, Hendry went with a “proven major leage NAME” in Miles. How’s that look to the owners? A GM that mishandles the payroll should be scrutinized at least. Even if Miles rebounds this in 2010, what’s it going to take to get some value from him considering the wasted 2009 season? A .400 ba?
Compared to Miles Scales is Roberto Clemente. I wish Scales well but don’t expect to see him on the 24 man roster unless Hendry swallows his pride, eats crow and has the nerve to cut Miles….

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