11/20 Roster additions

The Cubs added outfielder James Adduci, catcher Welington Castillo and pitchers John Gaub, Blake Parker, and Rafael Dolis to the 40-man roster on Friday. Teams had to set their 40-man rosters by midnight Friday in preparation for the Rule 5 Draft, which is held Dec. 10 at the Winter Meetings. The Cubs roster is now at 38.

— Carrie Muskat


dissapointed is an understatement. Why, why, why Brad snyder and Matt camp!!!!!!!!!! Brad Snyder hasn’t been given a chance he is tearing it up in the mexican league he’s a lefty power hitter who hits both righties and lefties he has speed he can play all three outfield spots. He has a good arm. Why not lock him up. What has James Adduci done. You want to keep Adduci fine release Miles He sucks!!!!!!!!! He is a waste of a roster spot. Brad Snyder will get picked up by another team. It will be like Dan Uggla, Shane victorino, Roberto Clemente, Josh Hamilton, and Johan Santana. They were all picked up in the rule 5 draft. They have all had good careers. Is Fukodome the reason why?? Because Syders best position is Rf. I like Fukodome he hustles but he he hasn’t earned the money he is making he 21 hr in the 2 seasons that he has been here had 6 sb last year but was caught stealing 10 times 12 sb in 2008 caught 4 times. Snyder can back up all three outfield spots. I simply don’t understand. The cubs gave up on Casey McGahee because we have Aramis Ramirez. We could have really used him this year when ramirez went down. The brewers picked him up and he was awesome for them. Will someone please explain why Brad Snyder is not an option atleast as a backup?? Unlike fukodome he hits righties and lefties. What happens when we have an injury. Soriano we know we are stuck with him for five more years and he hasn’t been able to stay healthy and is a poor fielder. We have hoffpaur another lefty who can’t hit lefties or the high heat fastball He can play the corner outfield spots fairly well and play 1b. We have Jake Fox who can really hit!!!!!!!! (the fastball) But doesn’t have the arm to play in the outfield. He is a good backup for 3b and 1b. Don’t get me wrong I like both of these guys and maybe Rudy Jaramillo can help them out a bit. I like Sam Fuld too he is excellent at defense but he is not going to an rbi guy or hit the ball out of the ball park. Snyder hit 15 hr last year in only 279 at bats then he was injured. Fukodme hit 11 hr in 499 at bats. I know Snyder hasn’t faced major league pitching yet but that is because he hasn’t been given the chance. Matt Camp is more of a utility guy who lacks power but has good speed. He can’t be worse than Miles. Miles batting avg. was .185 had a .466 Ops this year with .242 slugging percentage terrible! The cubs brain trust feel that this is a better addition to the 40 man roster than either Camp or Snyder. I want to understand so please explain mr. hendry.

wrigleyguy1980, what a case you make. You state the obvious rather well. Being like-minded I’m sure you’re not saying that all the youngsters are the answers at every position but would make much more sense having them on the major league club than the VETERANS that Hendry keeps shoving down our throats. Both production-wise AND fiscal-wise. Why Casey McGhee was cut loose always puzzled me as well, you would think any up and coming 3rd baseman with ANY signs of life would have been protected in this organization just as a back up option if nothing else and God knows we could have used him and his almost rookie of the year season he had with the Brewers. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Hendry to explain, he is a real enigma. Probably one of the most abused payroll budgets in the major leagues and he still has a job, but now the bulk of his job is to unload some of the bad contracts HE CREATED. Explain that. God how I would love to see a smarter GM step in and Ryno take over as manager with half the starting line under the age of 25 and cut Ryno loose with them for 3-5 years and see what level he can take the team. Hendry gets credit for the two playoff appearances, imagine the credit Ryno would get with a playoff appearance or two with a bunch of young, talented, hustling players. Jim….you’ve got some splanin’ to do!!!

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