11/23 Reed Johnson update

Reed Johnson has had an eventful offseason already. The outfielder and his wife, Taryn, welcomed son Tyce into the world on Oct. 26.

Johnson is one of five Cubs players who filed for free agency, joining John Grabow, Kevin Gregg, Rich Harden, and Chad Fox. The team narrowed the list last Friday when it signed Grabow to a two-year deal. The Cubs had an exclusive 15-day window in which to negotiate with Johnson end on Friday, and he said he hasn’t heard much from the team about returning.

“There’s other things they’re trying to take care of,” Johnson said Monday. “My agent said usually teams let that 15-day period go past.”

Johnson would like to come back, and the Cubs are looking for a center fielder and leadoff man.

“We’ll see,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


I really like reed johnson hopefully he is back platooning with granderson in center and fukodome in right. I know we don’t have granderson just wishful thinking. I also hope Reed johnson can stay healthy.

Can a team really have enough talent ??…..Boston and New York are loaded up with talent, so when someone gets hurt, they lose no production from the replacement.. Reed Johnson as a bench player… Reed Johnson as a CF with Fuld/Fukudome in right…. Heck add another talented OF from free agency… why not… Reed plays 70 games, Fuld plays 80…. that’s a full season right there… Iam strong supporter of Reed Johnson… He made a lot of critical plays on defense and offense… When he is healthy he burns up pitchers, catches anything his way, and gets the bat on the ball… he’s got wheels on the bases too.. I wouldn’t pay him $7 million a year, but I would pay him good money to stay.. The Cubs were in first place when he went down last season.. after he got hurt, the team dropped bad.. his play, his demeanor, something had the Cubs in first.. and things changed fast when he was told to stay home… says a lot.. I hope the Cubs treat him like Manny Ramirez… make a deal on play time provided the numbers hold up, and pay him based on production as an incentive loaded deal with a low base pay.. The Cubs and Reed both want to see what the valuation of his game is going to be though… The Cubs are betting low, Reed is praying high.. and I think some team like the Black Sox or someone like that who likes small ball will pick him up… I think the cubs will blow this… as usual… Thanks for the coverage though Carrie… I appreciate it…. Here’s hoping Castro can bump Theriot over to 2nd base..

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