11/27 Winter ball update

Jake Fox didn’t waste any time. Fox traveled to the Dominican Republic on Monday to play for Licey, and in two games so far, he’s 3-for-7 with a double and one RBI. Fox is playing left field and first base for the Tigres.

— Carrie Muskat


I like Jake Fox I think he has great potential I’m interested to see what Rudy Jaramillo can do with him. That all depends on if he can improve his glove whether he gets more playing time. I like that he is playing some left field and firstbase. But i would also like to see him play some more thirdbase too. I think he did a pretty good job there last year. I really like Derek Lee but if he is not resigned after this year it would be nice to have a replacement ready. I know Fox would be a downgrade defensively and offensively. I think with some extra glove work like he is getting now and some help from Rudy jaramillo he could be a very good player. He is a little unpolished at this point. With soriano’s leg problems and poor defense over the past couple of years. If Lee isn’t resigned I could also see Fox moving to left if he improves some behind the plate and adapts like the pitching did to him at the end of last year. With them trying to move Soriano to first. First base and left field are the best 2 places to put a dh and that is what soriano is at this point. Fox is younger and can improve his defense still with some work. I’d like to see Lee stick around for a little while but not til he is 38 or 40 either.

One more year for Lee should just about capitalize on his value making him one of the rare very good moves by Hendry. If Hendry signs Lee to anything more than a one year contract for 2011 I think he would be diminishing the over all value of Lee’s career as a Cub and put the team in a more financial predicament. But Hendry may not even be looking that far ahead yet, after all his immediate concerns are fixing his own blatant mistakes such as Bradley, no closer, no solid back up infielder/outfielder, the list goes on. As far as Fox, he would be inferior defensively than Lee but may be as good or better in the RBI department?? Ironic, Hendry brings in Soriano although the whole world knows he is best suited as a DH, and now Hendry will probably trade Fox using the reason that Fox is better suited as a DH and doesn’t “fit” anywhere on the major league roster but would fit nicely at 1B in 2011 AND free up some payroll at the same time. But since Fox isn’t an over rated superstar such as Soriano Hendry doesn’t have any desire to keep him??

Agree 100% on the situation with Jake Fox, Joeydafish. It’s politics politics politics. Cubs need to maximize the output of what we have. Get rid of Bradley. We are stuck with soriano and fukodome. But if we have guys that can outproduce them offensively and defensively they should play regardless of contract.

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