12/2 Bradley rumors

The New York Post is reporting there is still a possibility the Cubs will trade Milton Bradley to the Tampa Bay Rays for Pat Burrell. There are some problems with this. Burrell plays left field and is a right-handed bat. So is the Cubs current left fielder, Alfonso Soriano. Burrell also is owed $9 million over one year, while Bradley is owed $21 million, and the Rays reportedly would want the Cubs to pick up a large portion of his salary.

Reports suggest that if the Cubs did make this trade, they would then have to deal Burrell, and the Post suggests a swap with the Mets for second baseman Luis Castillo.

Yes, the Cubs do want to move Bradley, and may be willing to eat some of his contract. But a Bradley-for-Burrell deal only makes sense financially.

— Carrie Muskat


The real sad part is we wouldn’t be discussing such nonsense as bad outfielder for bad outfielder trades if Hendry had any common sense to begin with. Obviously and evidenced by Hendry signing Soriano to play left, switching Fukodome to play center to offset him dropping the ball on a genuine centerfielder, signing Bradley to play right he puts NO EMPHASIS on outfield defense so what’s it matter in 2010 if the outfield is Soriano LF, Fukodome CF, and Burell RF?? Doesn’t matter righty/lefty anymore as Hendry created such a mess that what we need in 2010 “for the playoffs” (i.e. left handed hitter) is a moot point. Trade Bradley for anybody including Burell and it’s addition by subtraction, even Hendry should be able to figure this one out. He’s just buying time to re-arrange the headlines and deflect blame so he can appear as if he’s improving an “inherited” team as opposed to the team HE assembled.

Let’s focus on the issue (and not the GM) for a moment: What do you do with Bradley? Should they try to deal one bad contract for another (Gary Matthews Jr. comes to mind)? Tampa wants to move Burrell — should the Cubs make that swap? How much of Bradley’s contract should they be willing to eat? How important is it to get a usable player in exhange?

O.K, O.K…It’s VITAL to unload Bradley and his “issues”, not to mention he is an over-rated hitter and most definatley not a good fielder so the Cubs would not miss anything about him. Eat most of his salary and take it on the chin. Either Gary Mathews Jr. or Burell would be and upgrade in personality, Mathews would also be an upgrade in defense, Burell would be the more risky player yet still an upgrade in the long ball dept??? I question that because he too is past his prime but ALL THINGS CONSIDERED I still view him as a “general” upgrade. In the event that a usable player is not acquired it may only benefit a minor lieaguer (Snyder?) and his chance of advancement as it appears that the only way for an outfielder to get a shot is through the complete failure (not a semi-failure as is the case with Soriano and Fukodome) of a low to moderatley paid player.
Again, this eliminates either Soriano or Fukodome as being a failure because they are “paid too much” to fail. Whew I got through all that without bashing the GM!!!! It must be the Christmas Spirit in me!!!

I’m wondering if hendry has discussed the possibility of expanding the trade with the rays to include upton. Upton and Burrel to the cubs for Bradley, fuld, jeff stevens, and 4.5 million. Maybe throw in micah hoffpaur and make it 4million. We get something of value in the trade a centerfield with speed who has some power and is good defensively. I heard the rays are shopping upton. Then sign Brad snyder please! Atleast to be a backup and he hits lefties so he can platoon with fukodome. I don’t care for gary mathews Jr. he can’t play centerfield any better than fukodome. I ‘d rather have juan pierre than gary mathews jr. I don’t know if thats a possibility though.

wrigleyguy1980, I can’t help but wonder if you’re related to Brad Snyder the way you promote him. You seem to be as passionate about getting him on the big league club as I am about getting Hendry off the big league club which means I’m going to have respect your opinion and brush up on Snyder’s career in the minors and maybe get on board with you. Since Hendry seems to be looking for outfielders year after year outside the organization and not in his own system unless they are HIS “can’t miss” prospects that flame out anyway!! BUT, regarding Mathews Jr., you would rather keep Bradley? Jr. would be a defensive upgrade (at least) over Bradley in right if the Cubs DID want to leave Fukodome in center but I think the team would be better served with Fukodome in right and Jr. in center just to maximize Fukodome’s ability as a right fielder which is where he belongs and is more comfortable which may help him regain his focus at the plate. Don’t get me wrong, I would be just as pleased with a minor leaguer in centerfield as well, as long as Actin Badly, er I mean Milton Bradley IS GONE.

Wrigleyguy, Snyder is a corner outfielder — he doesn’t really have the speed/ability to cover ground in center. If you want to go young — and I like your thinking — Tyler Colvin could handle center. So can Sam Fuld.

joeydafish -No I’m not related to brad snyder. I just don’t want another fukodome, bradley or soriano contract that we are stuck with for years to come. Or another outfielder who can’t field. Lou wants a left-handed rbi power bat to bat in the middle of the order. Snyder’s minor league numbers suggest he could be that guy also i’ve read that he is solid defensively and has a great outfielder arm. Looking at his minor league fielding stats he is pretty solid. Fangraphs doesn’t show range for him so I don’t know if his range is good enough for centerfield or not. However he has played all three outfield spots and his fielding percentage is good. He has struck out alot that is the knock on him but if look at his numbers in the mexican league it looks like he is getting that under control. In the minors he has had good power numbers, batting average and OBP all through-out. Fukodome strikes out alot and doesn’t hit for much power. Soriano strikes out alot. This guy is younger sound defensively has speed and steals bases. Hits for power and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg along with a ten year 5billion dollar contract. Why not give him a shot if it doesn’t work out you wouldn’t be stuck with him and paying him 10 million a year to insult fans and argue with the manager of the team and whine. It makes perfect sense to me. Go younger, he has solid potential. Thats all I’m saying. I’m tired of signing guys to huge contracts who are getting up their in age and then being stuck with them when they don’t earn their salary.

wrigleyguy1980….SOLD! Can’t agree more. I would be much more excited and optimistic going into 2010 with Fuld as the centerfielder (makes sense to Carrie) and Snyder as the right fielder (makes sense to you) and Colvin as a platoon sub. Enough alreadyof the Hendry type of overpaid, overevaluated, overrated, underperforming “saviors”. So these kids aren’t the much heralded, 5 tool, CAN’T MISS (yeah, right Jim) prospects the FAMOUS PATTERSON BROTHERS WERE, so what, it’s the kids under the radar that may prove to be the most valuable and most hungry to prove themselves.

If you ask me they need to trade all three Bradley, Fukodome, and Soriano and get rid of their contracts and start fresh with young talent. How about acquiring Granderson for Center field, Fuld in right field, and Snyder in left?

Also I think its about time to entertain the idea of trading Derrick Lee. He is 33 or 34 now and even though he had a good year this year and showed signs of the Lee of old its time for an upgrade. How about a trade to the Padres…Lee and Bradley for Adrian Gonzalez and maybe throw in 5-6 mill?

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